One furry step forward.

Yes, I do realize that just by writing this, by committing it to paper, I am placing a giant jinx on my own shoulders. I realize when I get home, there will be chaos and destruction. This is very clear to me. And yet, with everything going on, all the ER reports and stomachaches and missed meals, I felt like I needed to report something that was going right at Casa de Katie. And so…

I have to brag about Fenway.

She’s taken something of a giant step forward these past few weeks. We’ll pretend it was born out of the kindness of my heart (which, kind of…), and not out of guilt or necessity. See, I’ve started leaving her out of her crate during the day. And nothing terribly catastrophic has happened. I KNOW!

We’ve been working up to this during the past year. I started leaving her home, but out of her crate, when I went for my longer runs (I won’t take her if it’s longer than three miles). Or maybe if I was running to one store and coming right back to the house. I might find a granola bar wrapper or a tissue from the trash lying on the ground. Or that she had trapped herself in the bathroom (dolty dog). But nothing too bad. Still – I was scared silly by what would happen if I tried it for longer periods.

My concern wasn’t purely selfish. It wasn’t just that I feared for the state of my carpets or that Fen would empty the trash and create huge messes. She doesn’t chew on toys or furniture. She does enjoy tissues when she feels the need to show you her displeasure. And food wrappers are fair game in her eye. But she also gets rather anxious when she’s left out. If she thinks she’s alone, she’ll stare out the door where you disappeared and whine.

But we worked on it. And seeing as how there were days I’d be gone at work all day; come home, go for a run, shower and go out; come home, let Fen out, change and go to sleep – that’s an awfully long time to ask Fen to stay in her crate. Even with an hour outside in the morning and an hour outside in the evening, that pretty much equates to solitary confinement.

So I started leaving her out of her crate when I was at work. You’d think I’d have started with something at night, when I was home in case an intervention was needed. But I loves me my sleep. So. Daytime it was! Also, this way I didn’t have to listen to any pathetic whining. Fen could get over it in her own good time. All I have to do is remember to close all of the doors in the house so she’ll only have the living room to roam, and voila! Three weeks, and only one accident! And that was by the back door on the hardwood, so at least it was easily cleaned.

It’s not much, but at Casa de Katie, we’ll take any kind of good news we can take right now. Who would have thought it’d be Fenway who delivered it? It almost makes up for the snow days. Almost.


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One Response to “One furry step forward.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Good job Fen! I miss having a happy puppy to come home to.

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