Slowly recovering from all of the fun. (And snow.)(And ice.)(And fog.)(And wine.)

Everyone should have a girls’ (or guys’) weekend every once in awhile. It’s a little inexplicable – even though you’re up late, drinking, and – in our case – taking your lives into your own hands by driving over untreated icy bridges and parking lots (oh, just wait til you get the story about the race registration packets), you end up so much more rejuvenated for all of that.

Even though now I’m homesick like you wouldn’t believe because my silly rotten lovely starshiney fantastic besties went and left me to go pick up with their own lives.

So here’s wishing a bouquet of extra-caffeinated coffee finds it way to Cor, and a nice long, relaxy day with naps and DVR-y goodness finds it way to Juls. Because they didn’t even land until after one in the morning and Corri has to work!

As for me, a nice, easy (but busy) day to catch up only 500 emails. (Huzzah for working half-days on Thursday and Friday to recover from last week’s icepocalypse!)

It was so much fun. You’ll hear about it all – our ice days, almost stealing a desk from the Dallas Museum of Art, cupcake adventures, and oh my god all the good food – as I slowly unbury myself. Oh, and our plans! We’ve already decided next year I’m flying to Mass. to run a race, in May or August, when there’s no little chance of snow and ice to ruin our plans. Because, yes, another snow and ice storm is on its way.

Maybe that means I can stay home and sleep tomorrow. For the win.



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One Response to “Slowly recovering from all of the fun. (And snow.)(And ice.)(And fog.)(And wine.)”

  1. Kathy Says:

    I miss my friends!

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