Snow, said the girl.

It started with just a rumor. Then a Special Weather Statement. Winter Storm Watch. An upgrade to a warning. Schools announced closures yesterday afternoon, long before the rain even changed to sleet. All of North Texas ran for the hills – and the bread and milk aisles.

For once, the forecasters had it right. Well, just right enough to keep everyone home today. We maybe didn’t receive the inch of ice they were warning us about, but we had enough to cancel school and work and lo, everyone was happy. The girls got to stay up late last night, and if I was hoping they’d sleep late in response, I called it so, so wrong. A very excited Bee-girl ran into my bedroom this morning at 7:30 a.m.

“IT’S SNOWING!!!” she trilled.

Not exactly. Sleet. And not too much of it. But you can see why she was excited. Well, excited and a little miffed that our green grass was too tall to be covered by that white stuff.

Snow Snow1 Snow2

Barely a dusting! But that patio is much more slippery than it looks!

And so our lazy day began. Cinnamon rolls for breakfast (because, oops, no pancake batter for pancake muffins!). Lounging in our pajamas in front of the television, under piles of blankets. A second cup of coffee for mama while I marked and highlighted my second time through Tiny Beautiful Things.

A lovely, lovely start.

There’s no way it lasts, says the mama.


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2 Responses to “Snow, said the girl.”

  1. Laurie C Says:

    The best kind of snow day…when everything can pretty much go back to normal the next day, and no shoveling!

  2. Kathy Says:

    Yup! I am a little jealous of this type of snow-day. Especially when you had 1/2 a day warning.

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