In which I start casting protective spells so nothing else breaks.

Sunday I was supposed to get a lot of stuff done. I had blown off my Saturday (in rather glorious fashion, I must say) and I had errands and a whole bunch of chores to take care of. Not to mention I needed to clean the entire house up to “company” standards. See? Lots to do!

I let myself wake up while waiting for my caffeine IV to finish, then I started on a load of laundry. Or, I should say, I started to put a new load of laundry in, only to find the sheets that Gracie-girl helped me with last week were still in the washer. Whoops. No matter! I put them in the dryer, flipped it on, started shoving the girls’ clothes in the washer, was mildly shocked to find they were all right-side out (!!) for the first time ever and then KAPOW!!!

The dryer shut off.

And smelled kind of electrical burny.


I was unamused. I opened the dryer and knew I was in trouble when the light didn’t come on. I tried unplugging it and plugging it back in. Nothing. I tried the washer to make sure it wasn’t the breaker (it wasn’t) and then checked the breaker anyway to make sure it wasn’t popped. Then I googled the problem and confirmed that the fuse had blown.

I wasn’t surprised. The dryer is twenty years old and has already been fixed twice. I could order the parts and watch the informational video on how to fix it myself. It could be a $50 problem that would take a day of my time to fix (because let’s be honest in how long it would take me). But would it really keep it running for long? It’s already running rather inefficiently – I have to run a load of clothes at least twice. It was time.

So I tried to contain my giggles, threw on some clothes, and ran up to Home Depot. Twenty minutes later I had a dryer scheduled for delivery on Thursday. Bam. Just like that.

I guess I could have been more upset. First my jeepy jeepy dies (or is terminally ill, more accurately), then my dryer? I don’t even want to think of what’s next! Because that was $400 I am supposed to be not spending so I can replenish the huge chunk of my savings my car will cost.

And yet I couldn’t stop giggling. Because of course it did. Of course my dryer died right now. At least I’m lucky enough to have the money to deal with it. Just, um, nothing else break, mkay? Because this is getting rather pricey, you guys.


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One Response to “In which I start casting protective spells so nothing else breaks.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    But running the dryer just once per load…. wonderful!

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