A Casa de Katie Superbowl In Pictures.

Oh my GAWD you guys! What a night! What a game! My voice is still raw and I’m exhausted and ooof. I had a hard time rallying the girls this morning. There might have been were definitely donuts involved.

The girls and I got down to Cleanapalooza while we waited. I actually at one point finished two hours of laundry and said out loud, “On to The Kitchen!” I New England-ed my housework. Talk about #DoingYourJob.

But soon it was time to get ready! We bought All The Things to eat. (No, it’s not healthy. And no, I don’t care. I’ll go back to modeling healthy behaviors today, thanks.) This first wave doesn’t even do it justice…

Superbowl2We had hot wings, pretzels, hot chips, salsa, dip, potato chips, Cheetos, jello (sadly, not shots), fruit, a veggie platter… A smorgasboard of deliciousness! No wonder my football diva was a little excited…

Superbowl1Everyone had fun, screaming and yelling and running to check on the pools we had going. One for us (the girls each won one quarter and I won the two in the middle), and one for ThePlaceThatShallNotBeNamed (where I also won the two middle quarters).


One good luck pre-game portrait and we were off!


But then the game started getting away from us. I was pretty dejected. I maybe was face down on the floor for a bit. But Bee kept asking me not to have a panic attack and giving me massages and Gracie kept reminding me of the Baltimore game. They are awesome! And when I had really, really given up, we pigpiled onto the couch and it was okay. Well, not really, but I liked being tangled up with the girls, even if my team was going to lose and I was going to fall over dead.

Then! The first touchdown! We were back in it! We went nuts! There was pacing and screaming, and more than one of us was running around in circles to burn off some energy…

Superbowl5A coupla three-and-outs, and then! Another touchdown! But a heartbreaking ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! catch… I mean – REALLY?! SERIOUSLY?! My brother and I (and 343945 other people I was texting) were hoping for an interception. Or a pick-6, but at least an interception. No one thought it would happen. My heart was starting to wither.

Bee, meanwhile, was a little distraught by all the screaming. It was hurting her ears.


And then that frickin’ ending. OH MY GAWD. It was the most insane Superbowl I have ever watched! I mean !!! I had neighbors pounding on my door (to celebrate, not for noise), I called my brother, Gracie was jumping up and down and screaming and crying with me… My god! At one point I was looking for Bee, who last I’d seen was on the floor and I didn’t want to step on her in all the craziness. Gracie didn’t know where she was, either, but I found her under a blanket under the kitchen table, where she had fled for her life.

My goodness. I attribute all of our luck to the fact that I kept adding Patriots shirts to my outfit, trying to remember which ones had been lucky, and what would be the right combo. By the end of the night, I had one four Patriots’ shirts, and my dead grandmother’s wedding ring. (Note to self.) Gracie didn’t believe me.

One: The McCourtys “All We Do Is (T)Win” shirt. I haven’t washed this shirt since the loss to the Chiefs.

Superbowl7Two: The good luck tshirt shirt I wore against Baltimore.

Superbowl8Three: My actual Patriots jersey (one of them, anyway).

Superbowl9Four: How I started out – with the first Pats tshirt I owned (as a grown-up).

Superbowl10Lucky, lucky, lucky. As are my co-workers, because whewwww – that would have been awful for them, dealing with me if we had lost. What a good game! Now we’re on to… well, there’s isn’t anything else. Except savoring the moment for a really, really long time!


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One Response to “A Casa de Katie Superbowl In Pictures.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    I am so sorry I didn’t read this way back when. Geez! I was getting anxious for you and I already knew how it ended. lol

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