Five for Friday.

It’s Friday. REAL Friday. Not fake Friday because the kids don’t have school today and so yesterday seemed like Friday. But it wasn’t. But today is, so let’s get it started so we can make it to the end of Friday and go home!

1. A few new things have popped up around the house since Christmas. I finally put my FEED letters up. I’m slowly populating my house with letters and words and punctuation. I shall surround myself with all kinds of words and I shall be happier for it. I’ve been looking for giant letters for over the pantry door that say FEED. I like the reference to both the foodstuffs, and the bookshelf right over the door. There are different kinds of feeding frenzies.


Once I finally moved the FEED from where it had been hanging out (on the cabinets), I could move the antique books and put up my wine signs and my new artsy ampersand, too.


2. Jorge. I came back to work and heard about Drywall George. My coworker has a contractor who’s been doing a bunch of odds and ends around her house, from fixing walls to flooring to new light fixtures. And apparently our boss decided to use him to fix up the house he’s putting on the market. Which is how he came to be known as Drywall George and featured in dozens of stories. To which I responded, “Oh yeah? Well I have Electrical Socket Jorge.” See, when Kim and I were painting the living room, one of us must have gotten a little happy with the paint brush. We were using a mushroom beigy-grey, so we didn’t notice right away. Until I was putting away the vacuum and noticed this:

JorgeMy new bearded friend! I immediately named him Jorge (not even knowing about Drywall George) and busted out laughing. or maybe I laughed first and named later. Kim worried for a minute that I had cleaned him up after I’d pointed him out, but where would the fun be in that? Jorge is one of our house’s little mysteries now.

3. The girls are always full of stories when I pick them up from school. (Well, and all the other times, too, but especially when I pick them up from school.) Wednesday Gracie told me how she and some other kids noticed some big kids were outside hanging out in the school’s playground after school, and they were about to start fighting this little kid who looked like he was in kindergarten. Gracie and three of her friends ran outside to stop them. She said the After Care teachers ran out to see what they were doing and the big kids got suspended and they found the parents of the little kid (though I’m not quite sure why he was there, exactly.) She and her friends got some sort of recognition from the principal… and a little lecture about how standing up to bullying means telling a grown-up, not rushing out and potentially getting into a fight trying to defend someone. Heh. Proud of my little leader, even when she’s acting first, thinking later.

4. Annihilation, by Jeff Vander Meer. Holy mother-shearing sheep, people. YOU NEED TO READ THIS. I finally picked it up for Tournament of Books and I was all oijegijew – why haven’t I read this until now?!?!!! The first 20 pages are a bit slow, but then – THEN! – there are twists and turns and something happening every other page. In short, some sort of environmental disaster happened to Florida about 30 years ago. The area has been quarantined, and the government sends in expeditions to find out what’s going on…only the people on the expeditions all shoot each other or disappear or other weird shenanigans happen. It has the survival-type post-apocalypse (only not – maybe just-pre-apocalypse?) feels of Hunger Games, the plot-twisty turning-everything-on-its-head brilliance of Gone Girl, and a weird matter-of-factual tone of a Choose Your Own Adventure (even though the plot is very much a linear, set plot). READ IT. And then read the other two books in the trilogy that are already published. We need to chat.

5. Last but not least, a huge thank you to Stepmom for watching the girls! The school district has off on Monday for Martin Luther King Day, but work does not. So the girls are spending the day with John and Corrie. That’s bad enough. But then there’s a teacher prep day today. How am I supposed to work if the kids keep having random days off?! So Stepmom volunteered to let the girls hang at their house. She is a lifesaver!

With that, you guys go enjoy your Fridays. Maybe we should make today a prep day for all of us…a weekend prep day. Oh yeah…


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One Response to “Five for Friday.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    I might actually read this: Annihilation You have me convinced that I NEED to.

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