One distraction worked better than the other.

Several friend checked on me on Saturday morning, possibly because I’d been stressing out over the Patriots game. Ravens? Not really my favorite rivalry. I don’t hate them (aside from their gross mismanagement of the Ray Rice case) like I do other rivalries, it just…they’ve beaten us. The last three times we’ve faced them in the playoffs, they’ve ended our season. So I was feeling a bit jittery about Saturday afternoon’s game.

The first time, I thought I was sick to my tummy because of all the nerves. I feel all of my stress through my stomach, and so it was, okay a little unusual, but not so much so that my first thought was that I was sick. It was just nerves. And I’d gotten it out of the way.

I kept away from the beers and the snacks, though, just in cases. Instead, I distracted myself from the game (that was going really, really not well) by finishing the girls’ crazy marble run game that Bee had gotten for Christmas. It came with 29348203984 500 pieces and was strewn all over my floor – and had been for more than a week because no matter what the box says, ain’t no way an 8-year-old (or her 10-year-old sister) put that thing together. No way. I ended up taking control of the marble maze somewhere around Step 7, dismantling it, starting from scratch, and still making a misstep or twelve.

Every night I worked on that stupid thing a little more, regretting Santa’s decision a little more each time. It didn’t matter that the toy had been so cheap, or how much the girls’ faces had lit up when Bee unwrapped it. This thing was a giant PAIN IN THE ARSE to put together. Might as well finish it while I was studiously avoiding watching Flacco carve up our secondary.

Somewhere in there, I both finished the stupid marble run and figured out that my nervous tummy was maybe food poisoning. I spent much of the second half running in and out of the living room. But hey – every time I came back into the room, we had caught up! My brother is already leaning on me to come down with a case of food poisoning for next Sunday.

In any case. My team is still alive (HUZZAH!) and the stupid marble run is finished. I hope the girls get a lot of use out of their toy before they dismantle it because mama only builds once.



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