Well, hello there, 2015.

A brand new shiny year.

I’m feeling pretty optimistic. Productive. Full of vim, vigor, and quite a few words.

Then again, today is my first day back to work in more than two weeks; I have an insanely high number of emails, gobs of reports to run, and let’s not even think about the tatters my To-Do list will be in by the end of the day. So maybe that vim and vigor will be more like rigor mortis come sundown. But we’ll see.

As far as resolutions go, you know I’m not big on those. Well…not unless they’re reading-oriented, and then I have half a shot to accomplish them. But just for chuckles, let’s pretend I do.

Personally, I resolve to try to let things go. To choose happy. (To not barf at my own shiny optimism this early in the god-forsaken morning.) I made a bit of progress, um, sort of inadvertently, in this area last year, and I’d like to see if I can continue the trend on purpose.

In my reading world, I resolve to continue my Stephen King re-read project. I read the first 31 works on his list, starting with Carrie, and I’m currently halfway through “Langoliers”, the first story in his Four Past Midnight collection. I’ve always dipped back into King’s vault – particularly when I needed a pick-me-up – but reading his stories in publication order has been an interesting way to pick my way back through his garden.

I also resolve to read at least two more presidential biographies. They’re not page-turners, but I know an awful lot about Washington and Adams now. It also helps me continue my unofficial yet successful resolution to read more non-fiction.

What it won’t help is this next resolution: to read more books by people of color. I had an abysmal percentage of books by authors of color on my 2014 list: so bad, I don’t even want to write it down where you can see it. And that was with me consciously adding books to my TBR. I think part of the problem is that my reading path is so organic. I carry around a Little Black Book of TBRs, but what I choose to read next depends on what’s available at the library, or on clearance at the used book store, or happens to fall into my hands. Clearly this happenstance formula isn’t working. I need to choose more purposefully.

Finally, I resolve to write more. Blog more, further develop the fiction piece I’ve been quietly working on, write more book reviews, maybe even try my hand at submitting a few pieces. But the first step is definitely writing more.

So there you have it. My resolutions might all be dead come Saturday, but for now: Shiny. Optimistic. Reading. Writing.

God. And inboxes. Oof.


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One Response to “Well, hello there, 2015.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Where’s the running? I need you to make a running resolution so once my knee heals I feel guilt and will start running again. 🙂

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