I might have a problem.

So, remember all those beautiful books I got for Christmas? The ones I was dying to dive into? That I’m still dying to dive into? Yeah, well, I went out yesterday and bought some more books.


I might be slightly addicted.

And I might be mostly okay with that. So what happened was that I had to stop at Barnes and Noble to pick up some Christmas books since they were half off. Each year, I wrap our Christmas stories and the girls unwrap one or two a night during our countdown to Christmas. I try to include one or two new ones each year. And now they’re on sale! So I picked up Skippyjon Jones Snow What?! (Fact: Skippyjon Jones books are the best to read out loud), The Dinosaurs Night Before Christmas (Bee loved the dinosaur books when she was a toddler), and The Homeless Christmas Tree (the girls have grown very attached to the tree we drive past that has now become the focus of its very own nationally acclaimed Christmas story).

The Christmas books were all well and good…except I didn’t shut my eyes when I left the kids’ area. I grabbed the a biography on Thomas Jefferson because he’s next on my list, it’s a Pulitzer winner, and it was less than $10. Then I saw a clearance book about the Founding First Ladies, and Kim and I were just talking about how I should work in some bios on the presidents’ wives, too. So, score! Then I saw a copy of Anne of Green Gables that was designed to help you fold the pages to make display art so that the pages read “JOY” when the book was propped open. It…just trust me. Er, well, until I post a picture of how it really looks. It’ll take a while, though, because I’m setting that away for next Christmas. Also the book I got Gracie: Every Question Answered about the 50 States.

Then I wanted to return our library books, but discovered our library’s main branch had closed! Can you believe it?! They CLOSED! And not one sign or poster or reminder was displayed when I got the books. You’d think they’d warn people that the library would be closed for demolition before their books were due! Apparently the city is building a new main library, due to open in 2017, and a temporary branch location will open, but not until mid-January. If the library can’t even warn patrons that the building will be closed when they try to return their borrowed items, it was too much to expect a forgiveness program for fines. So we adventured to a different location.

And then went to Half-Price Books to cheer me up. As one does.

That’s where I did the most “damage”. I picked up a few Stephen King paperbacks that I had noticed recently I had forgotten to pick up. I had the hardcovers, but not the paperbacks? That was partially corrected. I grabbed Duma Key, Lisey’s Story, and From a Buick 8. Then I got Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy on clearance, and John Irving’s In One Person, also on clearance.

My splurge was Graham Joyce’s The Ghost in the Electric Blue Suit, which was the reason I went in to begin with. Well, not that particular book, but for one book off the long-list of books up for this year’s Tournament of Books. More on that tomorrow! If I have time, that is. There may or may not be a painting project with my name on it.

Thank god I have my books to fall into at the end of the day.


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