Oh, what fun it is!

It’s been awhile. The crazy project- and Christmas event-a-palooza calmed down once school let out for Christmas vacation and everyone took a great big breath. I took a break from blogging, we all slept in, the girls had fun baking and shopping and wrapping presents with Auntie Kim, and all was better than good – it was GREAT. It was just what we needed.

Christmas was wonderful! Well…with just a few hiccups. We squeezed in so many fun activities, though! The girls had a sleepover, we went bookshopping and donated books to a local hospital, baked, cleaned the girls room and the front room (not really fun, but very necessary!), and, of course, we had our annual gingerbread house decorating competition. Only this year, we decided to decorate giant gingerbread men instead of houses. I present our purposefully gender ambiguous ginger people!

Ginger1Bee won Best Accessories. She gave her ginger person sparkly shoes, wrote happy new year, added cupcake cuttons, a glitter santa-hat headband, and gave her ginger a present to carry!

Ginger2Gracie-girl’s gingerbread man won Best Details, due in large part to the stitching on his blue jeans, pockets, and, yes, his fly. I wanted to give him the Best Raggedy Ann hair, but Gracie wouldn’t know what I was talking about.

Ginger4Isn’t he delightful?! Kim’s ginger person won Best Tweed. Because of course! Kim did great this year – we gave her a three-hour time limit and she squeaked in just under. Hey – using tooth picks as jimmie wranglers to mete out her design takes time! She had to adjust her plans for pants into pantaloons because the vest took awhile, but I still love how she came out!

Ginger3Yeah, baby! My ginger person was going to an ugly Christmas sweater party, and he won Jauntiest Eyebrows. I loved all the detail I was able to incorporate. I would have killed for miniature white reindeer to really make it authentic, but I was happy with the candy canes, stars, and snowflakes. I was going to have a butter knife dripping with red sugar being held in his hand, but with the girls around, I thought murderous ginger person might not have been appropriate. Silly audience considerations!

Christmas morning was wonderful. The girls kept up their tradition of choosing that one day to sleep in, probably because they got back more than an hour late from their outing with their dad the night before, but they woke up shortly after I got up, made coffee, and let the dog out. And both girls’ off-the-hook response to all. the. presents. was adorable! They loved the purses filled with girly-things from Auntie Rhi, Bee got a Hello Kitty stomp light from her sister, and Gracie loved her Taylor Swift cd from Bee. Bee spent most of Christmas day sorting all her rocks in her display case she got from Auntie Kim (we’re saving the rock tumbler for a rainy day). I got book lovers’ playing cards from Rhi and the most gorgeous antique typewriter from Kim. Legos, Barbies, Calico Critters, and science lab kits – the girls were so spoiled! But thankful. And that makes all the difference!

It was a nice end to a bit of a crazy month. Now the girls are spending some time at their dad and Stepmom’s, and Kim and I are catching our breath before we lose our mind and paint the living room so it matches the new kitchen. We decided that things aren’t ever going to be calm or chaos-free, so we might as well make the most of it!

Merry Christmas, everyone! I hope your holiday time with your loved ones was just as fun!



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