I must be a little insane.

I don’t know if I mentioned, but while Kim was here for Thanksgiving, we sort of painted the kitchen. Because who doesn’t paint their kitchen two days before a major kitchen-intensive holiday, right? Yeah, so we were sort of nuts, maybe. But it looks great! Painting was the final major step of our overhaul. We still have minor details – new curtains, an art gallery on one wall, other decorative details – but this mostly caps the project.

Here you can see what the kitchen looked like before the new floors and refinished cabinets (and, yes, still with the jungle green walls):

20140825_075141It looks totally different!

And now, after all of the changes…

After1 After2 After3

I can hardly believe the difference. Bee, who was slightly annoyed that we were changing her house, said it didn’t look that much different. I guess repainting the walls from jungle green to a more modern summer beach grass wasn’t too radical for her. Thank god.

So the kitchen is in one piece. Which means it’s time to repaint the living room. You know – now that it’s Christmas and the tree, presents, and all the decorations will be in there.

Something is wrong with us.


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2 Responses to “I must be a little insane.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    I love it. Did you re-do the cabinets yourself. I can’t remember. Bee makes me laugh. 🙂

  2. Kim Says:

    SUCH a big difference! That paint change made all the difference in pulling together the new cabinet and floor finishes. Everything looks so *intentional* now 🙂

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