The pyramid scheme – I mean, chorus! Pyramid chorus.

Good lord, am I tired.

And if I’m this tired, I can only imagine what reserves the girls must be running on. It has been a long, long week. Well, more than a week. A week stretching back until the beginning of last week. This past weekend? There was no resting. There was sleeping-in on Saturday, yes, but then it was go!go!go! all weekend long. It’s the season of Way Too Much Stuff To Do, which brings us back to last night’s concert.

The music director at the girls’ school is newish. It’s his third year there and he…well, he’s different. He’s quirky. I am pretty sure he doesn’t have children of his own, which shouldn’t matter, except it’s obvious that he doesn’t quite connect with the kids. I mean, he does and he doesn’t. And he certainly expects a lot at times when he maybe should let up off the gas a little.

For instance, this year he committed our school to participating in the district pyramid chorus. The honor’s choir, the third grade choir, and the after-school kids all combined (though that’s not quite what the information sheet to parents said, but that’s a different story) to create a decent sized chorus, and they’ve been practicing their hearts out. Last night was the big night. Fifteen schools – mostly elementary, but also two middle schools and the high school – participated. Each sang one or two songs, so it was a bit of a long night. Our school brought down the house (spoiler alert), so that was okay. But…

I give mad props to anyone who volunteers his or her time. Especially if the case in question is emceeing a very long evening. The director with said duties did his best to keep the intros short, but I would have appreciated if the concert started on time. A 6:30 start time is great for parents who don’t get out of work right at 5p, or who are commuting back from Dallas, but that means that the concert didn’t echo its last note until just after 8p. That’s a long night for the parents – and we’re grown-ups. I know it was a long night for my 8- and 10-year-olds. And I really know it was a long night for the little brothers and sisters in the audience because Gracie’s bff’s mom and baby sister sat with me, and the baby sister (who is three and adorable) sat on my lap for most of the show. Lil sis was jammin’ and rockin’ out for most of the concert. Then there was a near-meltdown. Then she wanted to sleep and couldn’t get comfortable. So, um, good idea to start the concert late, but there are major trade-offs and mygod, late night. Late school night.

Most of the performances were really good. A couple missed the mark, but still got As for effort. One group sang Silent Night and there was one kid you could hear above the others and she was missing all the notes. If I could hear it, everyone could. Gracie is much more sensitive, because she can hit a lot of notes. She’s not ever going to be able to pursue singing as a career or anything, but she does have a bit of talent. And because Ricki and I were having fun commenting (quietly) on everything going on around us, she and I looked over at our daughter’s and Ricki had to stifle the giggles. Gracie was slunk down in her chair, eyes wide, her hand slapped across her mouth – which you could tell was jaw-dropped in horror. Our girls must’ve felt their mamas eyes on them because they turned to look at us and I shot Gracie my best “Sit up and be-have!” eyes. It worked. Mostly.

Two groups knocked it out of the park. One of the middle schools had a really strong music program and a bunch of talented kids to work with. A smaller group sang a gorgeous rendition of Carol of the Bells, parts and all. There was goose-bumpery all over the auditorium. And then there were our kids. Our rather large group sang a couple songs, including some Christmas parodies of some pop songs, like TaySwift’s Shake It Off. There was a bit of a hip hop vibe to our 2nd and 3rd songs (god, why can’t I think of what else we sang?!) and the kids had a ton of dance moves and nailed them all. Everyone in the audience was on their feet applauding. So while our director might not always get that he’s over-committing our kids, he is certainly very creative and knows how to pick songs that will engage his chorus.

The girls were thrilled with themselves when the show was finally over. I got a big hug from Gracie’s bff when they came over (her mom confessed that D. was mad – she thought if her mom didn’t show, she could come home with us. Ha!). Bee was still beaming and even Gracie looked pleased instead of pretending to be blase about it all. I lavished them all with heavy praise, and then shepherded my crew back home to bed.

I love the Christmas season, you guys. You knows I do. But mostly, right now, I am just very glad that one very big piece of the Christmas madness is over.


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One Response to “The pyramid scheme – I mean, chorus! Pyramid chorus.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    At least your group was AMAZING!! Glad the performance went well and you can put a check mark next to concert on the Christmas list of CRAZY.

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