If one more thing gets scheduled…

That’s it – everybody freeze. I had a near meltdown last night, panicking as I went through papers in the girls’ backpacks, trying to figure out how in the world I’m going to get through the next few weeks. Teachers, educators, planners, friends, everyone – STOP SCHEDULING THINGS FOR THE NEXT FEW WEEKS!

This week Gracie-girl has a field trip today to show off her talents at the Gifted and Talented symposium downtown. The school (bless their hearts) is at least shuffling them down there and back. Although I did need to pack Gracie a lunch on top of everything else. That was fine. I mean, I had 800,000 things to do last night, and Gracie couldn’t help because HER WRIST, but whatever. What wasn’t quite so fine was Gracie remembering last minute that she had to wear a school spirit shirt this morning.

Bee has a field trip tomorrow, but does not need a bagged lunch. Gracie has a field trip next Friday to…I don’t know where. And then another one to the local university where her dad works the Friday after that. BECAUSE WHO DOESN’T NEED A FIELD TRIP ON THE FRIDAY BEFORE CHRISTMAS BREAK. Her dad is chaperoning that field trip because how cool to a) bring your dad on a field trip and b) bring your dad who works there and has inside information?!

The Ex gets mad props for splitting duties during this mad, mad month. The week that he’s chaperoning the field trip on Friday, he also is taking Gracie to the Optimist Club/Student Council breakfast at 7 a.m. on Thursday (siblings not allowed, so I will be taking Bee to school in the middle of said breakfast. Really, planners?), and going to the Dad’s & Donuts & Discovery breakfast on Tuesday.

Then that same Tuesday night, Gracie and Bee are in one of three holiday concerts. I understand one, Crackhead Choir Director, but THREE?! These kids are in third through fifth grade! Eight through eleven years old! That is TOO MUCH! I knew they were both in the holiday concert on the 16th (for which I sent in money for choir shirts), but I didn’t know that both children were performing in the concert at an area rec center next Tuesday because Bee didn’t bring home any information, and the wording on the info sheet to parents said the Honors Choir would be performing the 9th, and the Honors Choir, Afterschool Kids, and 3rd Grade Choir would be performing on the 16th. Doesn’t that make it sound like there are three separate choirs?! But, oh no – both kids. And they won’t be done until 8p that night, so they will be out of the house from 6:30a until 8:30p that night. Tell me how that’s fair, school planners? Especially with everything else you’ve given them.

And that’s before you even consider the projects that have been rained down upon their heads because, you know, it’s a quiet time of year that should be good for those assignments. They came home with information over Thanksgiving break that Invention Convention projects are due the 15th. Granted, they’re technically optional, but you try telling that to my kids. We do have ideas picked out, but getting the projects done? WHEN? And then Bee-girl came home yesterday with a research project that’s also due the 15th. She has to create a topographical map, brochure, rap/song/poem, PowerPoint, or poster board made with the research and data sheets they’ve been working on in class. I could kiss the teacher on the mouth for making them research their state in class, but ZOMG!

And then there’s gymnastics, a baby shower, a holiday photo session, putting up the tree and Christmas decorations, church with Grandma, stopping to get copies of Gracie’s x-rays for her ortho appointment next week, and everything else we were supposed to get done this weekend, and when are we supposed to get those Invention Convention and state projects done this weekend?!

(Oh, and the Ex is out of town next week on an unplanned business trip, so I also have the girls all week. No rest for me, but I do have extra time with the girls to make them do stuff. At least Stepmom is dropping them off at school each morning, or else I really would breakdown and cry.)

It’s enough to drive a mama crazy.

Then, because I wasn’t stressed enough, after I finished scribbling events and deadlines into my planner, Gracie-girl went and fell in the shower last night, re-injuring her broken wrist.

Eighteen people (slight exaggeration) called last night, and I’m very sorry I haven’t gotten back to you yet – I was a little busy. I can pencil in return calls…mid-January, right after I get out of the looney-bin.


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  1. Kathy Says:

    Hugs! I get it.

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