No more monkeys jumping on the bed!

I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving break! Our was fun and filled and family and friends and painting and food and…well…quite a lot of injuries.

So Gracie broke her wrist this weekend. It happened in the most Gracie-way possible: she tripped. She tripped over a bag of library books, more specifically. One I had told the girls to perhaps move out of the middle of the floor. But I had been napping and the girls had gotten the bag of books out of the car the read while I was sleeping, so I can’t fault them too much, can I? Which is how it came to be that Gracie, walking through the living room and talking at the same time, wasn’t looking where she was going and tripped over the bag of books in the middle of what she had forgotten wasn’t an empty room.

I saw her go down. It was quite sudden and she immediately started screaming and crying, so I knew something was wrong. I wasn’t quite sure if it was Gracie being dramatic or if she had really hurt herself. By the time I dried my hands and walked over there, I saw her rolling around and holding her hand, still whimpering, so I went into assessment mode. She wouldn’t move her hand or her fingers at first, not until I explained that I needed to know whether it was broken. Turns out she could move her fingers, just not without screaming. I set her up with some ice and a movie and Bee and I continued cleaning the girls’ room – we had been working on the Great Pre-Christmas Clean-up-alooza before Napapalooza had started.

I checked on Gracie a bit later and her wrist and hand weren’t swollen and hadn’t bruised at all, so I figured it was just a sprain or maybe a stinger. But she kept complaining of pain. I gave her some Advil and she still complained – and this is my kid who got four stitches in her scalp and had a hairline fracture in her skull and never even asked for a tylenol. If she was in that much pain, I was worried.

Which is how we ended up at the ER on Sunday at noon and discovered the break. First they dismissed it as a nasty sprain – her wrist and thumb had indeed started swelling overnight – but then the radiologist who reviewed the film called us back and said there was a buckle break. So Gracie-girl gets to wear a splint and sling for four-to-six weeks. Yay?

And have I mentioned this is her writing hand?

Unluckily for us, this isn’t even the worst injury sustained over break. Oh no. Sweet little N. carries that distinction. Our other little monkey was helping her mama shuffle their dogs over to our house on Thanksgiving so we could enjoy a nice quiet day and Miney bolted…causing N. to fall and break her face on the curb. She knocked out her front two teeth, cut her gums all to hell where the tops of the teeth came through, and her face is covered in cuts and scrapes. So much of Thursday morning was spent soothing N. and Corrie and further pureeing the smashed potatoes. Not good. (But okay – they were baby teeth and the dentist confirmed on Friday that everything looks okay. It looks scarier than it ended up being. THANK GOD BECAUSE THAT WAS PRETTY SCARY-LOOKING.)

Which is why, when I stopped to collect Bee-girl from Corrie and John’s after we left the ER, I lined up J. and Bee and told them that we were calling an early end to the Thanksgiving Week Massacre and that any further injuries to the childrens would not be tolerated! They laughed, but I was only kind of kidding, Sam-I-Am. One broken wrist and a smashed face is about all I have the stomach for, thank you.

It’s nearly enough to make my post-vacation inbox pale in comparison. Almost.


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One Response to “No more monkeys jumping on the bed!”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Poor girls and poor mamas. It will be a Thanksgiving to remember though. I hope they both heal quickly. Happy Thanksgiving – there is still much to be thankful for (like insurance). Hugs!

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