Five for Friday.

I have so much to do that I really don’t have time for Friday, but let’s see if I can find a few happy things to get me in the mood, mkay?

1. GOOD LORD, WEATHER. Last week and this weekend – highs in the 20s. Yesterday it was 70. Although it was still fairly nippy when I left the house, which is why I had my jacket on. Which is how I accidentally left my swipe card and office-y stuff in my coat. At home in the laundry room. Whoops. I love warm weather and heaven knows we need the rain, but I kinda miss the more seasonable chill. Plus, I am baking pies. ALL OF THE PIES this week. And I’d really like the front porch garage to be cold enough to serve as a pie fridge, please and thank you.

2. Kim will be here in 36 hours. Well…I think that many. Possibly less. Her itinerary has changed a few times and hey maybe I should get that from her before she leaves? In any case – KIM IS COMING! We have big plans – don’t we always? – and that is quite possibly why I have all of the things to do and not so much time to do them. But! There will be drinking of wine and fancy cocktails and there will be mucho laughing. Just what I need.

3. One of the projects is the painting of the kitchen. Because that’s just what you should do right before a kitchen-intensive holiday, yes? We’re going with a shade of green, possibly one a shade lighter than a pale granny smith apple. I want happy, but understated. Something not quite as plummy and blue as the green I have going on now. The one chosen before I ever knew you could do things like get testers to try on the wall. Snort. So! This evening I’m grabbing a couple testers and slappin’ ’em up on the wall and seeing if any of ’em are keepers. That way maybe Kim and I can get the painting thing done with on just Sunday and Monday. FINGERS. CROSSED.

4. I know you guys would think I’d fallen over dead if I didn’t mention books, and I’ve read quite a few this week. Most are #NonFicNov books, and I’m planning on a post just for them when I’ve finished (how else would I ever fit in books about entertainment stars, cannibals, art collectors and John Adams in just a few weeks?), but the book I really wanted to mention is fiction. Yep, that’s right – I read a fiction book in the middle of non-fiction November. And I just wanted to say: Stephen King can write the coziest sense of doom I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading. I’m half way through Revival and I can’t wait to talk about it! Perfect year-capper, that book.

5. Eight hours until vacation, you guys. I have off all of next week; Kim will be here through Friday; the girls are off of school and will be with us (except for this weekend) – good times are ahead. We are so in dire need of a vacation that I can’t even tell you. There will be baking, painting, pajamas, drinking, crafting, eating, and lots of merry-making. And pleasegod, let’s not forget the sleeping in.

Eight hours.

I can do this.


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One Response to “Five for Friday.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    I hope you are enjoying your vacation and that the kitchen painting went smoothly.

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