Two reasons to love Christmas list-making season.

Reason the First:

Bee was sitting on the couch, pen in hand, crafting her Christmas list as I bustled around the kitchen cleaning and putting away leftovers.

Bee: Mom, did you know I still like baby dolls and playing house with them?
<She is very sneaky subtle sometimes.>
Me: Oh, well that’s good to know. Does that mean you would like one for Christmas?
Bee: Yes. Did you know that this one, you can feed it and then it goes to the bathroom!
Me: Ewww! That’s gross!
Bee: Not really, Mom! Just pretend!
Me: But going potty is gross! And it sounds messy!!
Bee: But it’s not real! You thought it was real? You’re weird, Mom.
Me: Does it involve water?
Bee:  …Yes?
Me: Then it’s messy. But I’m glad it’s not real.
Bee: See? You should get me one.

Sometimes I wonder which kid is my mini-me.

Reason the Second, from much later in the evening:

I was putting the girls down to bed and had handed one girl-child, top bunk, her iPod. I had adjusted the volume of the cd playing in the stereo for the other girl-child, and left to start closing up the house for the night. A few minutes later, Bee waltzed into the closet and scared the bejeebus out of me. Turns out Gracie was singing to her iPod and wouldn’t stop. I walked in to their bedroom, admonished Gracie – who immediately apologized to me and Bee – and then Bee apologized and said next time she would try tapping her sister on her shoulder to get her attention. Two immediate apologies and a picture perfect resolution to bedtime arguments? Yep, two little someones are definitely aware of the fact that Christmas is right around the corner.

Great googly moogly, I love this time of year!


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One Response to “Two reasons to love Christmas list-making season.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Yes, you should TOTALLY buy that doll. And I LOVE the apologies. Also, I am glad you are just as jumpy as I am – something Boy Child find HILARIOUS!!

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