Five for Friday.

I’m kind of baffled – pleased, but baffled – that it’s Friday already. I swear today should only be Tuesday. But I’ll take it! Let’s see if we can’t find five happy things to divert us while we wait for the weekend to arrive…

1. The oldies station switched over to Christmas music this morning. Normally I’d be screaming this from the rooftop (or at least a blog post title), but for some reason I’m just all, “Yay! Um. Okay, so that was nice,” and change the channel.” I’m just not quite there, even though it’s freezing outside, and I’m quite frankly a little worried about myself. I did play the new Pentatonix Christmas cd in the car this morning for Gracie and Bee, hoping their excitement would rub off. It’s a kid-free weekend, so we’ll see, I suppose. Maybe the mood will strike if I surround myself with enough wrapping paper.

2. Really, Buffalo? Even though I picked Miami in the pool, I was kinda hoping the Bills would squish the Fish, dampening their wildcard hopes. Instead, the Dolphins whomped on the Bills. Now I gotta sweat this AFC East thing out a little longer. Football makes me nervous.

3. Have I mentioned how cold it’s been this week? In November? It’s downright delightful! Yesterday, we didn’t even climb above freezing if you factored in the windchill – and believe me, if you were here, you would have. It felt like home and I had a big, goofy grin on my face the entire ride home. The cold weather means I’ve been bundling up in sweaters all week, usually completing the outfit with a scarf and cute earrings and boots. (Apparently the scarf fascination is not yet over.) And can I just say – I have looked wicked cute all week. Yay me with the scary burst of fashion sense!

4. Buzzfeed has got to STOP posting all those pictures of beautiful, bearded men for no-shave #Movember. Because good lord I AM TRYING TO WORK. And those beautiful, beautiful men are making that a little difficult to do. Also? I can’t tell if this whole #lumbersexual thing is a joke on how hipster is leaning more and more towards toppling completely towards becoming a herd of lumberjacks, but it sure did crack me up yesterday.

5. You guys! It’s time for #24in48!! One of my favorite readathons! It’s pretty simple: the goal is to read for 24 of 48 hours. Or, if you’re a goober like me, you stretch the elastic edges a little to make it 24 hours of reading during the entire weekend, starting when you get home on Friday. Why? Because why not? I have a little extra incentive this time round: this month I’ve been participating in #NonficNov, in which I read nothing but non-fiction for the month. (I know – it was a really sneaky hashtag, wasn’t it?) I’m bending the rules for the readathon and letting it be my escape from #nonficnov; I get to read fiction this weekend to help keep things interesting. …And also because the new Stephen King has been waiting on my nightstand since Friday and I needed an excuse to dive in, please and thank you. Who knows what else I’ll read if I finish before the weekend is over, but I promise it’ll be something good!

There you go, my pretties. Five little happy tidbits that made me even more impatient for the weekend to begin. Mostly because I ended with bookish anticipation. Enjoy!


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One Response to “Five for Friday.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Ok – I know I looked at this post on Friday but I guess I didn’t read it because #4 made me laugh this morning. 🙂 Hope you had a wonderful read-a-thon weekend.

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