Five for Friday.

This week has been One Of Those Weeks for me, on very nearly every front. So I’m digging down deep for five Friday-ish things…

1. I’ll give you the full scoop next week, but Bee-girl starts her gymnastics classes tomorrow! They’re her reward for pulling in all As and Bs on her report card. She is over the moon, and frankly, so am I.

2. For a cover that I can’t decide whether or not I really like, I am awfully obsessed with Sam Smith’s cover of Whitney’s “How Will I Know?” Someone please go watch it over and over and then tell me how I feel, please and thank you.

3. A friend’s grandmother passed. Another family we grew up with lost their grandfather this week. Everyone’s grief has made mine (always so close to the surface lately) absolutely bubble over. I miss my uncle so much at times I can’t stand it. I was working on a scrapbook page for last January. It’s simple – a black background, a thin white line penned around the border, and the years of his birth and death. Easy, right? I stared at that stupid page for three hours. I might have said out loud, “I just can’t.” And then clear as day, I heard my uncle say back to me, “Oh, yeah? Why not?” It made me laugh out loud.

4. The girls and I are spending some quality time at Target this afternoon (I know! Planned and everything!), beginning our Christmas lists and going on a scavenger hunt for a care package or two! Someone pray to the Gods of Target-addicts that there is fun and random stuff on super-clearance, mkay? I’m thinking Christmas ornaments, silly candy, some sort of Thanksgiving something…good, useful things and one really random something. Really, really random. Like Nick Nolte Christmas Album type RANDOM. Suggestions accepted.

5. Lastly, the girls’ Stepmom is having surgery today to remove her gall bladder. She’s been in crazy amounts of pain lately, managed somewhat by a careful diet. But she’s still lost an envious amount of weight in two weeks. I teased that I wished gallstones were catchy – I know they’re miserable, but I could run away with the jackpot from my weight loss group with a jumpstart like that! Joking aside, if everyone could please send some pretty thoughts Stepmom’s way, we would appreciate it!

So there you go. Not bad for getting less than four hours’ sleep, amiright? Let’s bring on the weekend so we can cheer up this place and maybe, as a bonus gift to myself, go on a treasure hunt for some of that missing sleep….


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One Response to “Five for Friday.”

  1. Kim Says:

    You joke about Nick Nolte…but Seth McFarlane (yes, of Stewie – Family Guy fame) really does have a Christmas album. Of…classic Christmas carols. I was too afraid to listen and went with a safer Idina-shaped selection.

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