A happy, ordinary, candy-filled Halloween.

Those are the best kinds, you know – the ones that are happy and lovely and so perfectly ordinary that perhaps nothing really stands out. But I’ll remember it as The Year Nothing Went Wrong. And aren’t those lovely years?

The girls went easy on costumes this year. We had decided rather early on an old-timey cop and robber. Gracie was going to be the cop, with the old-fashioned handlebar mustache and a bobby cap and maybe – maybe – a night stick. (Problem was I kept thinking of it as a beatin’ stick in my mind, and don’t you know that’s how it would have played out. Bee was going to be the robber, with the black-and-white stripe prison garb and a ball-and-chain attached to her ankle, and a pillow case with a money sign on the front to carry her loot – her pretend cash and her Halloween candy. I swear to god that oversized bag to carry all that candy was the entire reason Bee wanted to be a robber. But hey, whatever works.

So we were set rather early on. Except then Gracie decided she wanted to be a biker/rock chick instead of a cop. Bee still wanted to be a robber (because candy), so that was okay. I picked up some leggings for Gracie that had rhinestones all down the size and some hair dye (pink and purple) and quite possibly a faux leather jacket that was on sale. [In the Women’s Section! It’s a small, and the arms are still a bit too large, but still! My baby is wearing real clothes! Wah! I’m not ready for her to grow up!] We went out on an adventure to find Bee her costume, and then we happened to walk by a kimono and that is exactly how that robber thing got left in the dust. All over, buh-bye. I was kind of upset – this is the first year either of the girls have had a costume I didn’t either make from scratch or cobble together – but when I saw Bee all put together, she looked so stunning that I forgave her. Bee’s superior fashion sense strikes again!

Bee Molly

The night of Halloween, the girls showed up with their dad and stepmom, and also their stepsister and Niecey! Not only was this the first year in forever that Stepmom didn’t have to work, but I was so glad Stepsis and Niecey got to come, too! It’s great that even though the holiday fell on the Ex’s weekend, they still opted to walk around our neighborhood. The girls love getting to Trick-or-Treat with their best friends, and our neighborhood is just the right size – about 100 houses, all in a small grid, relatively safe. Everyone dresses up and most neighbors participate – some houses even go all out, not with the customary few decorations, but an entire yard’s worth! One guy hands out candy for the kiddos and hot dogs straight off the grill for whoever wants one. Hot dog, bun, toppings – all right there. How awesome is that?

Halloween4So John, Corrie, the Ex, Stepmom, Stepsis, and Grammy (Corrie’s mom) all visited while the girlies trick-or-treated. Niecey trick-or-treated with the kids sometimes (with a grown-up to help her) or else she just laughed and chattered and kept the grown-ups entertained. It was lovely.

Two hours later, the girls had topped off their pumpkins. The grown-ups split off to their own houses and our group hung out for a bit, chatting and trading candy and relaxing. It was a pretty laid back Halloween – but sometimes those are the very best ones.




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