And it’s not even my house.

The craziest thing happened yesterday. I got an email mid-morning asking me if I had heard about the break-in at my Ex’s. Uh…what?! My sister, all the way from Connecticut, happened to see a social media post from the girls’ step-sister venting about the thugs who broke in to her parents’ house. With a little online investigating, I quickly recognized the Ex’s house and texted him to make sure everyone was okay.

Because it wasn’t clear when exactly this had all gone down. Was it at night when everyone was asleep? The thought alone sent shivers up my spine; being woken by the security alarm is one of my greatest fears. Did the break-in occur during the day? Stepmom works from home – did that mean that she had scared them off? Was there a confrontation? What the man?!?!

The good news is that everyone is indeed okay. The Ex and Stepmom were out at a doctor’s appointment and came home to find a strange car parked next door. They walked into the house and interrupted the burglary in progress. Bee said the perp then flew out the back window he had smashed in. They made off with just a few things – jewelry, passports, kindles, etc. – but hadn’t yet gathered up everything they wanted. How in the world they managed to gather up anything is kind of crazy – there are four dogs at the Ex’s house! Thankfully all of the furries are okay, They thought Bee’s kitty was missing, but she was eventually found cowering under Gracie’s bed.

I’m so thankful that Stepmom wasn’t working from home when the idiots decided to smash-and-grab. I’m thankful the police responded as quickly as they did, and that the Ex had the presence of mind to snap pics of their car and license plate. I’m glad the girlies weren’t more affected by events. I was prepared for 1,001 questions last night. Bee, especially, still has trouble from time to time feeling secure at night, alone in her bed, when the house has gone dark and quiet. I remind her that we live in a brick house (a holdover from The Three Little Pigs), that we have a security system, that we have a dog who will bark if a stranger approaches the house, that we have strong locks on our doors and good neighbors who are always out in their front yards, keeping an eye on things. I remind her that bad guys want an easy house to break into – not a house like ours with so many systems in place designed to keep them out. The thing is, her dad had all of those same protections. So I was very much dreading how I was going to soothe Bee and make her feel safe again. (Gracie was easy – I was just going to use statistics and BAM! it would’ve worked.) Thankfully, the girls were just adorably outraged, not afraid. I’ll take indignant any day!

Hopefully the thugs will be caught soon and this horrible sense of being violated will disappear quickly. Feeling this vulnerable is horrible. Placing your faith in the unseen, the Universe, that things will work out and be okay, it can be terribly daunting at times. But some days, it’s just what you have to do.


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One Response to “And it’s not even my house.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    So glad eveyone is ok. That is such a horrible feeling.

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