Five for Friday.

Goooood morning! No, I’m not really that awake – but we did hear some good tunes on the radio this morning and that makes all the difference between faking-awake and just grunting at whoever talks to you. So as I warm up to the thought of one more day before I can sleeeep in (for all that’s lovely and holy!), let’s see what we’ve got going on…

1. I shouldn’t have worried that the Readathon would cause me to miss my step – I’ve finished three more books this week. Nope, wait, four if you count the read-aloud book the girls and I finished. The read-aloud book was Kate’s Book by Mary Francis Shura. Meh. They liked it, though. Think Little House on the Prairie, but much shorter, and less poetic. Then there was Bird Box, the debut creeptastic tale by Josh Malerman that I devoured in just three hours. Even in the dark. Even though it was about the dark. Because I cared more about what happened at the end than I did about sleeping. THAT GOOD! Empathy Exams by Leslie Jamison went completely in the opposite direction. I can see why it won award for non-fiction, her essays were incredibly thought-provoking and certainly made a person examine how she engaged with the world, but let me just say it might not be a good read for a person in pain, ironically enough. And last one was Two Boys Kissing, YA king David Levithan’s popular title from last year. (Last year? Maybe the year before.) It was…okay, I guess. Underwhelming from what I’d heard of it and other works. I’ve found I’m pretty picky about Levithan, so you may entirely disagree. Love that LBGT fiction is so much more accessible, and I smile widely every time I see that hott hott hott picture of the boys, kissing, on the cover. YES. So that was my reading week.

2. The weather here is driving me nuts. It’s supposed to be 90-flippin degrees this weekend. How am I supposed to sing around the firepit with the girls when the weather won’t cooperate?! All you need to do is wave the marshmallows in the air and they’ll melt! In an act of defiance, I did finally pull the rest of the girls’ shorts out of their dressers, though, and finished installing their jeans. Jeans and shorts don’t both fit, and they’re choosing to wear jeans to school. Because the air conditioning is too cold. Harrumph.

3. Speaking about grouchy weather-related things… You know what you also can’t do when it’s 90 degrees outside? Get into secret Christmas mode. Yes, I know I’m insane. And no, I don’t do Christmas from October on. It’s just that when I’m having a particularly rough day, what cheers me up is to sneak temporarily into Christmas mode. It lifts my spirits, I feel better, and then I go back to normal Halloween mode. But you can’t sing Christmas carols alone in your car when it’s 90 flipping degrees out! I can’t even secretly paint my toenails Christmas colors! CURSE you, universe! So I made chocolate chip cookies instead.

4. So far my planner is working out very well, indeed. I’m staying on top of my To-Do list, I actually dragged it out at the dentist’s office yesterday and entered my appointment when I made it – LIKE A GROWN-UP. I have blog ideas creeping into the notes, projects sneaking in, and everything is pretty much groovy. Except I feel like I might need a color-coding system. Annnd everyone who knows me knows that “might” is a decoy word in that sentence. But I’m not sure how that would work and whether I could drag around all the pens I’d need. How would that work exactly? What do you guys do? Tips? Tricks? Hacks? Help!

5. Bless Ed Sheeran’s little red-headed heart. I have a hard time taking the kid seriously. I mean, he’s what? 12? 20? Is he even old enough to drink? Killer hair, yes, but I just…can’t. His songs, though, have begun creeping into my brain and I find myself singing the hooks over and over at random times. Need a fun earworm for Friday? Go listen.

There you go! I am now officially one task closer to the end of my day. If only Task #2 didn’t involve a mountain of email. Oof.


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3 Responses to “Five for Friday.”

  1. Samantha Says:

    You need one of those multi-color pop up pens that were popular in the 90s!

  2. Kim Says:

    Yessssss! Samantha is brilliant – we should find some of those (and remember the giant white one with like, TEN colors that someone had!?!)

  3. Agent Torklepants Says:

    Haha I still have that pen. It doesn’t work but i haves it. I know uhart has them in the bookstore but it might only have black blue red and green. Would you like one? Also Erin condren has those sticker things you could put on your Xmas list. Once you’ve been using it for a while you’ll know what you’d like and you can ask for the personalized ones. Oh and they have face stickers! And wouldn’t you only need two colors? One for work and one for personal? Try that first since toting two pens wouldn’t be as hard. And you know those clips we’d use as Barbie purses? Those can hold pens so you can clip one and throw one in the spiral!

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