#Readathon Update: Hour 7

Good news: I finished another book! David Gillham’s absolutely phenomenally written City of Women, about a young Berlin wife who becomes part of The Cause and smuggles Jews out of Berlin during the height of the war. Oh, and has lots of sex that even Stephen King described as “hot-hot-hot”, which is all kinds of wrong, and yet, is not entirely inaccurate. Five of Five stars to the book you guys. Really – it was character rich, complicated, plotty and twisty.

Bad news: You guys, the book destroyed me. I was a mess of nerves for the second half, waiting to see what would happen. Then, the ending (which, really, isn’t anything you’re thinking) just gutted me. Loved some parts of it, accepted some parts of it, and thought other parts were just all kinds of wrong. The story is great – I just am emotionally drained. And it’s only Hour 7! Who cares that I have 800+ pages of reading done! Who cares if I wanted to get more accomplished! My heart is saying no mas!!!

So I’m going to go do some cheering for my #readathon peeps, make some hot tea, and find a lighthearted book to read in a hot bath. Not a bad plan.



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