#Readathon Update: Hour 14!

I cannot believe we’re already on the downhill side of this day! I know the going will get tougher as it hour grows later and I want to sleeeeep. But I feel like I’ve barely read at all! I don’t know if it’s because I’ve moved around so much, or because I spent a goodish amount of time cheering. But these past thirteen hours have gone by in a blink!

I did feel a bit done with reading about four o’clock this afternoon. So I stretched, made some tea, started some laundry and settled back in. Not long after, Kim called, so I stopped to talk to her. Then I called in a to-go order and ran to get some sushi and edamame and calamari. (Reading books while eating sushi with chopsticks? I feel like I’m playing “grown-up” – it’s divine!)
So now I’m rejuvenated and ready to plunge back into storyland. I’ll sink back into the spell of Wonder and finish that off shortly. And then I have a scary – SCARY – read by the name of Bird Box that everyone has promised will keep me awake all night.
14 hours. Three books. 900+ pages. And just a little over halfway done with the #Readathon. Not bad at all!


One Response to “#Readathon Update: Hour 14!”

  1. ebookclassics Says:

    Thank you so much for cheering for me during the readathon! You really kept me motivated. How did you like Bird Box? That is one of my favourite books of the year so far.

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