#Readathon Hour 2: One book down.

Morning, all! Yes, there’s going to be a bunch of choppy updates here today. Not my usual style, but think of them as little love letters sent in from my mysterious remote location! Okay, or from my house – whatever.

My first ever readathon started out with a nice comfy read in bed. A bit predictable when hear I went to be after 1:30 a.m. Ooof. That’s gonna hurt later. But my morning read was lovely…even if the book wasn’t. Ellen Ullman’s By Blood just wasn’t what I was hoping. A researcher on sabbatical takes an office in a seedy part of town and through circumstances beyond his control begins eavesdropping on the therapist and patient next door. He secretly begins helping the patient investigate her adoption…and chaos ensues. Except I didn’t care much about the chaos or the fantastic premise because the author’s writing was so dang clinical and detached.

So disappointing. 1 book, 1 star out of 5.



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