Oh, the places I’ll read!

My preparations for the 24-Hour Read-a-Thon that takes place this Saturday continue! Last night I crept about the house searching out my likely reading spots. Then I commissioned Gracie to help snap pics as I tested out said cushy lounging spots.

SodaHere’s where I do most of my day-reading: propped on the couch. Although you’ll usually find me sitting up, with my feet kicked up on the coffee table. When my back starts protesting, I’ll flop backwards, with my head cushioned on one armrest and my feet on the other. With any luck, it’ll be chilly enough on Saturday to burrow under some blankets. Is anything more divine than reading during the first cold snap of the season? Pro: I can give lots of lovin’ to Fenway while lounging on the couch, all without disturbing my rhythm. Con: The couch doesn’t stay comfortable for long. I’ll have to switch it up every hour or so.

BedAnother favorite spot for reading is my bed. When I steal some reading time during the day and can’t camp out on the couch (usually because the girlies are home and are causing a racket), I throw the blankets back and flop down crossways. It throws me off enough so I’m not tempted to fall asleep – because of magic or something, who knows. At night, I burrow down under my covers and read curled up on my pillow. So even though that’s what I’m doing here, I probably won’t be doing much of that on Saturday or else I’m bound to take a few more cat naps than I intended! Pro: My bed is super-comfy for long stretches of time. I can hit a pretty good reading zen state. Con: My bed is where I sleep. Once I hit those tougher late hours, reading in bed is a good way to tempt myself with sleeeeep, beautiful sleeeeep.


A likely spot for when I need to switch things up – the overstuffed recliner. I don’t sit in the recliner very often. (Mostly it’s Gracie’s seat.) It sits at an odd angle to the TV, I don’t have room to spread out (I can’t just watch TV – I do things), and it squeaks, but it is very good for reading. It’s a great alternative for when I need to read sitting up for a spell, but with a bit more support. And if it’s chilly out, the chair is made of the warmest, comfiest corduroy material you’ve ever felt. Pro: The “newness” of sitting in the chair will help wake me up if I’m feeling drowsy. And if it’s cold, the chair is awfully snugly. Con: If it’s sweltering, no one wants to sit on the super-warm chair. Also, it’s so squeaky I will go nuts if I move too much. Ugh.


The patio! One of my absolute favorite places to read! It will need to be warmer to tempt me out of the house, but hanging out in the sunshine and gulping down some stories is one of my favorite ways to spend time. The Vitamin C is bound to help wake me (or put me to sleep – two-edged sword, that sunshine is), as is the change of scenery. Also, getting outside and letting Fenway run around like a mad dog will help burn off some of her energy. I know for a fact that you can read and throw the ball to your dog over and over and over without missing a beat. Pro: It’s one of my happy places. Con: It has to be warm enough. Otherwise I’ll be huddling outside with a blanket and a constant mug of tea, which isn’t bad, but the 23982394 trips to the bathroom (because of said tea) are.

BathOh yes I did! Who doesn’t love to read in the bathtub? In fact, it’s where I keep my collection of memoirs. (Ignore the can of paint – it’s serving as a temporary bookstop.)  It’ll be a great way to break up the later hours when I need something to wake me up. Also, if it’s chilly that day (I say that a lot, don’t I?), the hot water will help, what with all the stationary reading and all. Pro: This definitely counts as a change of scenery! Con: You can’t check social media from your relaxing bath – electronics and water don’t mix. And if it’s a gazillion degrees in Tejas, hot baths don’t really go over well.

Okay, but what if the house just isn’t doing it for you? What if you really, really need to change things up? I’vePedi thought of that, too. Don’t worry – I have back-up plans.

There’s the overstuffed chairs and caffeinated goods at Barnes and Noble. I can hang out, wake myself up, and dip into new books all in one go! Remember the 24 hours are whatever you make of them. Give yourself permission to drive places if you need a change of pace or scenery. I could also load an audiobook and hit the trail for a long walk, or grab a book or two and read while eating lunch out. Oooh, or getting my nails done! Vary it up if you find you’re growing bored or falling asleep!

DinandOne last one. Here’s where I wish I were reading – my alma mater, Holy Cross, safe in the bowels of Dinand. I could move around to various favorite corners and hidey-holes in that library and happily read away all 24 hours without once feeling bored. I even know for a fact that you can safely nap and pick up right where you left off, all without feeling the least bit weird for sleeping in public. Pro: Oh my god, all of the happy! Back home! In my favorite library! READING! Con: That would be a very pricey ticket.

The bottom line is to have fun. Change it up when you need to – or don’t. Find what works for you. Scoping it all out ahead of time can be fun, but if you don’t have time (or the inclination), don’t worry about it. Read-a-thons are nothing more than to let our happy, well-adjusted, neurotic selves geek out for a day. However you want to get your geek out – go for it!


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2 Responses to “Oh, the places I’ll read!”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Love that you are making this such an adventure.

  2. Jennifer @ The Relentless Reader Says:

    Ha, I just love this post! I’m with you, I plan and think ahead and plan some more 🙂 I’m also a giant fan of bathtub reading. Nothing better than a pile of books and a pile of bubbles! (And maybe a glass of wine.) I hope you have a great readathon!

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