This picture is going to come out when I need some blackmail material.

Remember that time a little while back when I totally caught my ten-year-old trying to smuggle lipstick from her dad’s house, to her backpack, to school? Stepmom sent the Ex and I a picture today of something she found in Gracie’s room.

LipstickA small mirror covered with kisses in different shades of lipstick. Practicing kissing? Maybe. Choosing inappropriate lipstick shades? Maybe that, too. Growing up way, way too fast? Most definitely! I know it’s normal, and I’m laughing a whole bunch more than I’m freaking out. I’m just not quite ready for my first little baby to be a tween, never mind the teenagery doom that comes right after the (relatively) minor tweendom.

Still, it makes me feel better knowing that I’ve got some good blackmail material at the ready for when I need it. It’s not much, but I’ll take what I can get! Including laughing with Gracie’s dad and stepmom in these little moments in between the quiet panicky ones.


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One Response to “This picture is going to come out when I need some blackmail material.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    That girl needs to work on her sneaky skills. Don’t panic though, you have raised good kids and you may find, like I have, that the teenage years aren’t so bad after all.

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