The single moms’ club.

The girls piled in the door last night, excited and out of breath, not an unusual occurrence after arriving from dinner at their dad’s house. They were talking over each other, petting the dog, and jockeying for hugs, babbling about their days. Bee, in particular, looked alight with news.

“Mom, J.Love’s [as we’ll call her] mom is going to text you about picking her up tomorrow,” she said, jumping from one foot to another. “Her mom is getting out a little late and so you can pick up J.Love.” Okay, I could do that. Except I hadn’t gotten a text, and much as I love our girls, they do have a tendency to sometimes get the details wrong.

I texted Sunni, and it turns out she did need a favor. She works for a local company and had been commuting two hours each way to the other side of the metroplex. She got a transfer this summer so her commute is more like 15-20 minutes, and so she felt good about signing J.Love up for the After Care program at school, even with its stringent – and early – pick-up times. Except she’s discovering now at her new location that even though she’s supposed to leave at 5:00, Sunni doesn’t always get out right on time. And she’s sometimes 10-15 minutes late to After Care. And After Care is not happy.

So now we have a new plan: on Mondays and Wednesdays, when I pick up the girls, I’m also going to pick up J.Love. Sunni will only be those 10-15 minutes behind us and can pick her up at our house. Yes, I’m sure some days it might run a little later than that, but that’s what you do to help out your friends. We single moms have to do what we can to help one another out. I remember when we were little, my best friend’s mom had a seizure and couldn’t drive for almost a year (I think it was a year; maybe it just felt like a year because we were little?). The other moms in our circle of friends made sure our friend got to Girl Scouts and CCD and to our houses after school to play. My group of friends, even as young as we were, we were learning how to take care of each other and our moms recognized that and helped us out. They helped their fellow mom out. That’s one of the reasons I’m helping.

Bee and J.Love are over the moon. They know it’s just 15 minutes. And yet Bee is already making homework club plans, God love her. I’m happy for them. It’s always good to have one more mama in your village. I’m glad that after all the years of Bee having a shifting base of friends, she’s starting to have some keepers, some girls who have stuck around. I’ll do whatever I can to help. Sometimes it’s as easy as giving a friend a ride home two days a week.

It’s certainly worth it for those smiles I saw last night!


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2 Responses to “The single moms’ club.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    So familiar with the Single Moms Club and so thankful that I have a great circle of friends and parents of my kids friends who help when they can and when needed. Way to set a fine example and how fun for Bee to be able to grow her friendship at the same time.

  2. Kim Says:

    um, can we just ALWAYS call her J’Love now? Because that’s an awesome nickname.

    So glad Bee has this new touchstone (in 15 min bits) – can’t wait to hear about all the ensuing hijinks, heh.

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