Five for Friday.

Yeah, it’s a lot later than I usually post. But! It’s because I’ve been busy with all of the things! Like…

1. My floors are being installed tomorrow! Huzzah! After a month of mess-ups and mistakes and aggravation on the part of Home Depot, the linoleum and carpet in my kitchen/eating area is finally going to be torn up and my pretty-pretty hardwoods are going to be put in. Fingers crossed that everything goes smoothly! So today I’ve been moving all the knickknacks and little things out of the kitchen and eating area and the pantry and shopping for felt pads to go on the bottom of the chairs and table and moving snacks and drinks to where I’ll be hanging out tomorrow so I’ll have access to something. I think I’ve hit everything, but I’ll forget at least one big thing. The better to blog about, I guess…

2. What the heck is up with the mosquitoes in my house? I went all summer without any bites (aside from one or two maybe) and then BAM! A cold front goes through, a warm front followed, and now I’m covered! Okay, maybe not covered, but I’ve gotten ten bites in the past week! I’ve been walking around the house covered in the smell of Off because at least one of the buggers is living in my scrap room. One more reason I am ready for Fall. (I have awesome yard guys.) And the roof was cleared away and the bunnies all gone. I suspected it was going to happen soon because those little bunnies were awfully hoppy when I checked on them the other day – they had no interest in being corralled back in the nest or even staying still. But I’m still sad that our cute, fuzzy complications have left.

3. The mess and clutter at my house has reached critical mass, but I’ve found a rather neat little trick to get it under control without exhausting myself. I’m using the Pick 5 trick: you pick up or clean five things in the room where you’re at, and then go back to whatever you were doing. So, let’s say after I get the girls their dinner, I pick five things in the kitchen – I load the dishwasher, put away the nail polish from the counter, wipe down the counters, file the bills that had stacked up, and put away all the books and magazines stacked on the table that I’ve stopped noticing. The room looks a little neater and I even managed to put away a few things I’ve ignored for…well, I won’t tell you how long. Then I sit down and check email or read some blogs or whatever it is I want to do before the next item on the night’s itinerary comes up. Rinse, repeat. It’s not overwhelming and it gets stuff down. More of a slow and steady approach that appeals to my enjoyment in crossing stuff off lists.

4. Has anyone started watching Red Band Society? It started last week and I forgot to DVR it, but I thought it looked good. Also, as a public service announcement, don’t forget Big Bang starts again on Monday night!

5. Books I finished this week: The Gift of Fear, by Gavin de Becker. It was really, really good. My sister had mentioned it to me and said her friend Carly had really enjoyed it, so I nabbed it from her shelf in August. (Turns out, in fact, I had stolen Carly’s copy. Heh.) I’d recommend it to all women, especially those who are just moving out on their own for the first time. It talks about trusting your instincts and how to read how dangerous a person’s intentions might be. An interesting point was when de Becker stated that if you asked a guy when the last time he worried for his own physical safety, he might not even remember, but if you asked a woman, her answer is much more likely to be within the past few days. That’s the only book I finished this week because work was nuts and I didn’t so much take any lunch breaks. I’m re-reading Divergent for my nighttime book, and started reading Claire Kendall’s The Book of You, a psychological thriller about a woman being stalked.

So there you have it. And off I go again – got to go back to cleaning. I’ll hit way more than five things, but floors. Pretty, pretty new floors.

3. The bunnies have left the nest. Sadpanda. I went out to check on them this morning; I was going to tape a giant note to the fort the girls constructed. Otherwise the lawn guys would move it so they could mow.


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One Response to “Five for Friday.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Did you read all the Divergent books?

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