Creating a bit of fairy magic.

One of the items on my To-Do list while my sister Kim was here was to restore the Fairy Garden to its former glory. She and the girls had created the gardens in a couple flower pots by the front door on a trip awhile back, and the pirate ship and castle grounds had seen better days. So much so, in fact, that we had started calling it our fairy ghetto.

We didn’t get to our restoration project until near the end of Kim’s trip and, admittedly, my role was to fund the project, greenlight the use of certain found objects and craft supplies, and mostly to just stay out of the way. (It was tough, lemme tell ya.) Meanwhile, the elves were hard at work…

[Let us stop for a moment and reflect on the fact that my autocorrect changed that to “the elephants were hard at work…” If elephants were working on fairy gardens, that is something I would want to see. Also: not even close to “elves.” Okay, carry on.]

We stopped at the craft store early in the morning to see what we could find. Blue beads, a bird house, some shrubbery, moss, a few pieces of furniture and knick-knacks geared towards the popular fairy garden trade. Mostly what we used were found goods: old planters, potting soil we had in the garage, candle holders and ceramics that weren’t being used, etc. One of the girls most favorite parts was when we pooled all of our resources on the table and divvied everything up. There was far less horse-trading and bribery than when Kim and I were young and running negotiations, but it was still fun to watch their little minds at work.


Then Auntie Kim stepped in and started prepping the pots. She got creative with a large styrofoam type planter that was going to be a cliff-side in its next life.



Gracie painted her fairy house, Bee painted her new door and the bottom of her pool, and Auntie Kim strung beads for the waterfall and glued beads over the pool to look like water.


Everything was coming together…

Fairy2 Fairy3



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