And that was the last I saw of the kiddos.

Everyone has their favorite things about fall: pumpkin spice everything, fall foods, football (the kind where no one beats their kids or their spouses, natch), cooler temperatures, being able to put away the annoying windshield sun visor, cozy sweaters, new wardrobes, boots… All those things are lovely, sure (well, except for that pumpkin stuff – blech), but my favorite far and away is that once the temps drop, my kids go outside to play and I never, ever see them again. Huzzah! Hooray for the sun being so cool that our sneakers won’t melt to the patio and we won’t get sunburned in 3.14 seconds!

We had such a day last weekend. The cold front came through Thursday night. Friday we all dressed in jeans and cardigans as we went off to school and work, and that night temps dropped even lower. I had on socks and yoga pants! The next morning, I wore a hoodie! In September! It was glorious!

After I picked the girls up from their lock-down lock-in, Bee and Gracie headed straight for the backyard. I didn’t expect to see them until I called them in for dinner. So I was pretty surprised when Gracie came tearing through the house, yelling for me like something was wrong. “BUNNIES! MOM! I FOUND A BABY BUNNY IN OUR YARD!” Now, we have grown-up bunnies all the time. I thought maybe a tinier version was hopping along and Gracie wanted us to see it. I threw on some shoes and went outside to see what was up – and Gracie wasn’t kidding.


A baby bunny small enough to fit in the palm of my hand was hopping around, shivering, scared to move much. Bee had come out to see what the shouting was about, and so I dispatched her to find me some gardening gloves. Of course, Bee couldn’t find any, so I had to risk all sorts of bunny diseases, other than just dying of The Cute. I picked up the bunny and put him in a teeny tiny gardening pot we had nearby.

Guess what? Baby bunnies are squeaky! My goodness! I kept glancing over my shoulder to make sure some 20-foot, rabid mama bunny didn’t hear that thing making so much noise and come running. That was about the time that Gracie was all, “HEY! MOM! THERE ARE MORE OF THEM!” She had lifted up a tuft of grass and, sure enough, there were three more teeny tiny baby bunnies, all shivering in the cold breeze and wondering where the roof to their nice cozy home went. [Aside: Later I asked Gracie how she knew the bunnies were there. “The ground was moving, so I picked up the roof,” she answered, nonchalantly. “GRACIE!” I yelled, “What if that hole was filled with snakes?! They would have eaten your face!” She wasn’t moved. “But they weren’t. They were bunnies.” Sigh.]

Refusing to be mean Mr. MacGregor, I returned Peter Rabbit back to his nest with his tail intact, let him curl up with Flopsy, Mopsy, and that other one, and covered the bunnies up again. We moved a piece of wood to partially cover the side of the roof, then turned a chair upside down over the bunny nest, so that mama bunny could get in, but Fenway could not. The girls, unhappy with my simplistic approach, stayed outside to build a super mega bunny fort supreme!

And that was the last I saw of the girls. They stayed outside in the gorgeous weather, watching out for the bunnies and making sure nothing bothered them. Not a bad way to spend a Saturday afternoon, outdoors in the gorgeous weather. Even if those silly bunnies confused the seasons and thought it was spring.



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One Response to “And that was the last I saw of the kiddos.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    How cool! What a great memory for the girls. And smart to rig it to keep Fen out. My first thought, before I finished reading, was “what about Fenway?”. I should have known you 3 would have that covered.

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