Pretty, pretty cabinets.

The country celebrated Labor Day this past weekend, celebrating big sales, barbequed meals, and the unofficial end of summer. It signaled the end to our summer, too, but not because of the sales or the meals or any of that – it was I finally had to let my sister go back home.

Yes, Kim’s gone (no matter how often Fenway circles the house looking for her), but before she left, you know she got up to some home renovation hijinks! When she gets caught up with start of the school/work year and adjusting to her re-entry, I know she’ll have a lot to say about this year’s home reno project – because she’s the one who did all the work. No, really. All of it. We (and I use the term very loosely, less I incite the wrath of said sister) decided this year’s project was to redo all of the cabinets in the house. Kim had found this “cabinet restoration” product, which, as it happens, a dear friend of mine had used and proclaimed just as wondrous and miraculous as advertised. So I did get to help pick the color, paid for the product, and greenlighted a test case in the girls’ bathroom. Kim figured that if that went well, she could use the rest of that kit to do the vanity in my bathroom, and then we could do the kitchen. So that’s what we did. (And by we, again – all Kim.)

Here’s the test case, the girl’s bathroom.



And after:


Didn’t it turn out great?! We wanted a mid-tone brown; something dark, but not so dark that it looked black. We went with their “espresso” color, which has the happy coincidence of being named after delicious, delicious caffeine. Mmmm, espresso.

So then Kim moved on to my bathroom:

MomBathBefore MomBathAfter

You can barely see the blonde wood in the “before” pic, but trust me – it looks a million times more sophisticated and spa-like after the transformation.

And then the BIG project – the kitchen.


KitchenBefore1 KitchenBefore2

And after:

KitchenAfter1 KitchenAfter2

It’s fabulous and I loves it. When we bought the house, the Ex and I were afraid of choosing a dark wood because we thought it would darken the house way too much and make the kitchen seem too small. Except with the open concept kitchen and the fact that the back of the house is more than half windows, there’s plenty of light. The dark wood makes the open kitchen seem cozier.

So for $100 and a lot of patience (and Kim’s time), I have a completely different feel in my kitchen and bathrooms. Kim will let you know what she thought of the product, and tips and tricks for if you decide to tackle a cabinet restoration on your own, but I, for one, am very glad we did it.

Now let’s just hope the new floor installation doesn’t nick any of that hard work!


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One Response to “Pretty, pretty cabinets.”

  1. Trish Says:

    It looks AMAZING!!!

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