And so the school year begins…

I didn’t think it would get here, the first day of school. Not because I didn’t want it to (though I am a little anxious). It was just a nice, solid, busy summer, filled with all kinds of good things. And, okay, I didn’t want the school year to start again. It’s Gracie’s last year of elementary school, and I am not looking forward to transitions and admitting my baby is old enough for middle school! And Bee-girl…well, she has her own issues with school. I was enjoying not fighting with her over reading and practicing spelling and worrying whether she was keeping up with her class.


This year, I am confident that Bee will click right along and has passed her stickiest point. 3rd grade is going to be the year my baby girl shines.

I am hopeful that Gracie’s teachers will push her hard enough that she feels challenged, but not so much that her love of all things nerdtastic is crushed.

I smiled over Gracie primping and prepping herself just so this morning before school. 5th grade is so important.

I giggled thinking about how Bee raced through breakfast because she gets to see her bff today, after spending an entire summer apart.

I might not be exactly ready for the school year, but I choose to believe it will be fabulous. After all, the girls willingly posed for their obligatory First Day of School picture. And that’s something.


Taken inside this year because it was still dark outside! Eep!


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