The one with the giggles.

Bee still likes to play. She has that little girls still inside of her, the one I love so much it hurts, the one who likes to pretend-play, and set up her dolls and her “Holly” Pockets and her Barbies. Gracie will come play, sometimes, if there’s nothing better to do and if no one’s watching, but mostly the land of dolls and pretend play belongs to my Bee.

Have I mentioned how much I love that?

Somehow, Bee roped Uncle Joey into playing princesses with her while we were on vacation. Not that it would take much sweet-talking – the girls pretty much have their uncle wrapped around their tiny fingers. If I wanted to find the girls, I looked for Uncle Joey, and if I wanted to find Joey, I looked for the girls. They didn’t spend much time apart is what I’m saying. So I wasn’t too surprised when I heard giggling from the playroom and looked in there to find Bee and Uncle Joey hard at play. Bee had all of her little princesses arranged on top of a big rig (for what reason, I have no idea), and Uncle Joey was being Ernie from the Sesame Street playhouse.

Ernie was walking around, smacking all the princesses off the big rig. “You don’t go on the big rig no mo’, and YOU don’t go on the big rig no mo’, and YOU don’t go…” etc., etc., each time making Ernie slap a princess off the truck. Okay, yeah, probably not the healthiest pretend play, but they were messing around. Bee was giggling and Joey was laughing at his niece giggling, and occasionally Bee would pull herself together enough to bring a princess back to life to go kick Ernie’s butt.

It was a bunch of silliness and nonsense and generally what vacation’s all about: taking a deep breath and not worrying about things you don’t really have to worry about. It’s about learning that other grownups can be as silly as mommy sometimes – especially if they’re the crackheads people she grew up with. We might not have always had much, and our family might be filled with drama from time to time, but we always knew how to have a good laugh.

And an afternoon spent giggling is a pretty good way to spend a vacation, if you ask me.



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