You’d think I’d be more excited about this.

Monday marks the return to school. Because our 2.5 seconds of summer is apparently over. Sadface.

Yes, I would be the one lone parent in all the land of Parentlandia who is sad that summer is over. While I’m very much looking forward to some fall-ish things like football and lower electricity bills and football and double-digit temps and football and the season of soups and shepherd’s pie and baking things, I am not looking forward to the season of battling with Bee-girl over schoolwork. (Please, Universe, let this be the year that things CLICK.)

But the start of school must be fast approaching because all of the things keep happening:

School supplies:
I spent $200 on school supplies. Notebooks, pens, paper, pencils, notebooks, dividers, binders, glue, rulers… Somehow it all adds up…to a giant headache! Er. Um. I mean, pile of stuff. What’s frustrating is that the girls end up bringing half the crap stuff back home because their teachers have their own supplies that they prefer. Much donating of school supplies ensues.


Scheduling of Well-Checks:
Right about this time, I remember that I never brought Bee-girl for her well-check. Gracie’s gets taken care of in a timely fashion because Gracie had a the good sense (and incredible foresight) not to be born right before our annual vacation. Bee, on the other hand, has a birthday, then we leave town for ten days, come back to the general melee of back-from-vacation-ness, then there’s the back-to-school scramble and the oh-my-god-after-next-week-there’s-a-school-schedule-to-worry-about! panic. Guess what? The pediatrician’s office line has been busy all morning. So. Still pending.

Go ahead and guess which of the girls decided to grow out of all of her uniforms over the summer. If you guessed the almost-5th grader, the one with only one year left before she she transfers to a uniform-free school district, ding-ding-ding! You win a prize! And oh how I wish that prize was the bill for all the money I shelled out. The girls are allowed to wear decorative-free jeans or khakis, and either white or navy collared shirts. (White or navy sweaters or hoodies are allowed during colder weather.) Gracie also grew out of her jeans because I won the budget anti-lottery or something. Yay. So I bought her seven pairs of jeans, a pair of khakis (that she couldn’t live without, being the newly-born clothes-horse that she is), two short-sleeve shirts in navy and two in white, a navy short-sleeve blouse and one in white, a white pullover sweater, two white sweater-cardigans, two blue sweater-cardigans, and one light-weight blue cardigan. I’m praying to god that her school-appropriate shorts still fit because I AM BROKE.


Lunch money:
Don’t ask me how the man I remembered that I needed to top off the girls’ electronic lunch funds, but I did. And when Bee finds out, she’s going to w-h-i-n-e her tail off. That girl is not happy about hot lunches. She says she doesn’t like any of the options and begs to bring a lunch from home. It might be slightly cheaper, but I know the “But I’ll make my own lunch! I promise!” excitement will dwindle down to one more chore for me to complete/follow up on in a matter of days. And I really don’t need that kind of stress to add to the end of my day. (Wow. Talk about whine.)

The Daycare-to-Aftercare Transition:
This year will be the first year that both girls will be in the school’s free aftercare program. Since that means they’ll only need daycare one afternoon a week, and since their dad (and I) have been underwhelmed with the quality of care for the price of services at their center lately, we’re thinking of taking the girls out of daycare for the bulk of the school year. Their stepmom is lucky enough to work from home, and since Bee and Gracie are – for the most part – responsible and respectful enough to be trusted to “watch themselves” while their stepmom is working in the front of the house, Stepmom has offered to get the girls from school on Fridays during her lunch hour. (Three cheers for Stepmom!!) We’ll need to use daycare for the few weeks at the beginning of the school year before the aftercare program gets going (and a few at the end when the college kids/interns graduate), but I’m excited that we won’t have to deal with the issues we’ve been having. Or paying them a second mortgage.

Yep, it’s inevitable – the new school year is just around the corner. Ready or not, guys, here we come!


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One Response to “You’d think I’d be more excited about this.”

  1. Trish Says:

    OH MAMA!!!!

    And the lunches. I have to make lunches for the girls’ daycare and let me tell you how much I HATE it. It’s such a simple task but like you said, it’s just one more thing on my list before bed and I HATE it.

    Good luck to all of you! (And as a child of divorced parents, how blessed your girls are that you are willing to let stepmom lend a hand)

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