Summer is having new adventures.

We desperately needed a break. The girls had slept in Saturday morning, after our big night out watching fireworks, but clearly everyone was still tired. The kids were whining, tempers were flaring with the slightest provocation, and I really needed to get out of the house. So when Corrie texted to see if we wanted to go get snocones, the answer was clearly YES, WE DO.

I thought when she said “snowcones”, what she meant was “go find one of those trucks on the corner.” 20 minutes, three highways, and four towns later, I figured out she meant something a little more established: Bahama Bucks, a super-cute, summer-themed specialty shop (shoppe?) catering exclusively to summer drinks. Especially snocones.


There must have been 100 flavors of snocone. I had no idea how I was going to choose! I was tempted by pink lemonade, but settled on Jamaican Punch. It seemed a little more excited, and less likely to be found elsewhere. Bee was unable to choose and mixed two flavors: sour apple and sour lime. (My girls – they are crazy for sour flavors.) Gracie went for root beer float – the flavor of snocone, not an actual float. And she mixed it with a scoop of ice cream. (I told you this place was fancypants.) And not only was it fancy, they were generous with the portions! I got a regular, and I swear my snocone was a foot high. The girls got smalls, and really, they could have gone with baby-sized. The snocone was balanced perilously, death-defyingly high. High enough to carve ice caves and all kinds of scenes into the sides. You know – because we’re grown-ups. Ahem. And for all of that, it was $12. Okay, maybe a lil steep for shaved ice, yes, but that’s what we’d pay for ice cream.

The girls sat and ate with us for awhile. Then they went outside and sat by themselves, within view. They were so. pre-teen. going off by themselves like that. They played with the games out on the patio for awhile while the grown-ups talked grown-up talk and people-watched and generally just enjoyed twenty minutes of weekend without out our chilluns.

After we all declared brain freeze, we scooped up our girlies and ventured back home. Where the girls promptly fell to pieces again. But. The point is that we found a new summer hidey-hole, a time-out from all the fun (and not-so-fun) when we need to cool off 5 or 10 degrees. And that – adventurin’ – is what summer break is all about!

Kermit-green, amiright?

Kermit-green, amiright?


One Response to “Summer is having new adventures.”

  1. Trish Says:

    That is one long tongue! I bet she can touch her nose with that thing. 😉 You have cute cute girls.

    Bahama Bucks, huh? We have one of those but we’ve never been. We also have a pirate ship around the corner but we’ve never been there either. Sonic is just so easy. 😉 Sounds like WE need to go out on an outing of our own!

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