Things that happen when you leave your kids home with Auntie Rhi.

One of the awesome things about having Auntie Rhi here for two weeks is that the girls get to spend some quality time with her. Of course, Auntie Rhi is slightly crazy (remember that time she baked a tie-dye cake and wrote in frosting: “AT LEAST THE KIDS ARE STILL ALIVE”?), so you never know what’s going to happen. You might come home to find all the stuffed animals under tables and TV trays because they were playing zoo, or everyone’s face painted because…well, just because. The girls love this. They embrace this. Because crazy is a highly valued trait in our house.

Which means that when you leave your kids home with Auntie Rhi, you’re unsurprised to find a dog bone on the roof of your garage.


Or a line of taste testing material lined up and waiting for the girls to feed to you with Q-tips, while cackling wildly like mad little scientists.


Or stories about how the girls went bunny-hunting and set out bait and then devised equipment that they would need. Of course, right after I got home, the bunny showed up and the girls went scrambling out of the house, looking for all the world like Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, ghost hunting. Or moose hunting. Definitely something crazy.


Because crazy is what we do best. I wouldn’t have it any other way!


One Response to “Things that happen when you leave your kids home with Auntie Rhi.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    I think your girls are so lucky to haver Auntie Rhi and all that AMAZING memories they are creating. Awesome!

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