In which we do not curse the rain (though we might want to).

I knew we might be in for a bumpy ride towards the end of Auntie Rhi’s visit – June usually leaves with a literal bang, in the guise of a tornado or some such huge storm – but I wasn’t planning for an entire week of flooding rains. But that seems to be what’s on the docket.

We snuck in our plans to visit the zoo on Saturday – and I’m glad we went then because it’s been wet and wild ever since. Sunday we had planned to go for a leisurely brunch, then visit the waterpark like Bee has been planning for her “family” birthday party, and then go out to our “fancy” dinner. A fun and ambitious day, worthy of staycation! But then the rain, rain, rain came down, down, down and that was the end of that plan. The girls tried very hard not to be disappointed; they exclaimed over the very. big. raindrops. and delighted over the number of times the NOAA alert radio went off. The first big storm in awhile tends to be new(!) and exciting(!). We lounged around in pajamas, watched Frozen, played board games, and waited for the downpours to end.

They didn’t. At least, not until right before bedtime, and while we couldn’t go to the waterpark for the last hour it was open (because I am a mean mom like that, refusing to spend $30 to get us in for just one hour of swimming), I did pigpile everyone into the car and take us out for frozen yogurt and used books. Which is almost as much fun.

Monday night the rain lifted enough for us to go to fancy dinner and we had a great night! The ground was a little soggy, but it was sunshiney enough to do what we wanted to do and that’s all we cared about. Plus – hooray for drought relief! We were winners all the way around!

Tuesday night the girls went to their dad’s for dinner and the grown-ups got a much needed break. But not from the guilt. I felt so bad that our plans got scuttled and that the girls were forced inside each afternoon while it downpoured some more. So I made plans with Auntie Rhi for Wednesday night: if the rain managed to hold off for one day, we would take the girls to Putt-Putt for a round of miniature golf and go-karts. It might cost a fortune, but it would certainly rescue the week! Plus, there was a good chance I could hunt down some coupons. Hooray for plans!

You know what happened, right? It flooded to end all floods. Okay, well, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but not for some parts of town. Half the highways were closed for water on the roads and ensuing accidents, Six Flags was under water because the creek flooded its banks, the entertainment district was flooded, and high water rescues were needed in much of the town we live (and play) in. The rain at work was up over the curb yesterday. A local highway had water so high, it was pouring over the divider in the middle. That’s how floody it was!

No Putt-Putt for us. Instead we went to No Frills Grill and let the girls play in the little game room while we drank tasty beer and waited for our food. Rhi and Gracie played the quiz game and Gracie got mad at us quite a few times for not paying enough attention. We laughed, the kids were crazy, and mostly we did not care about the rain. Also: we win for not telling the girls about our golfing plans, so there was no whining about what we could have been doing!

The rain has been lovely. It’s making a (teeny, tiny) dent in our drought, so I’m very carefully not complaining. But it would be really nice, Universe, if we could please have some sunshine this week for a bit of fun before Auntie Rhi leaves!


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One Response to “In which we do not curse the rain (though we might want to).”

  1. Kim Says:

    Have they given you the black sparkly panic! at the disco radar category?

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