In which there is cheesecake and sparkles.

Last night was our “fancy dinner” at the Cheesecake Factory. We don’t go out to eat much, except on vacations. And even when we do go out to eat, we tend to stick to places like Panera’s or family diners, or burger joints. We don’t do fancy very often. First, because it’s impractical with a single mom and two young-ish kiddos. Secondly, because we flat-out just can’t afford it. And no one loves a well-balanced budget more than me.

But last night we were going to splurge! Auntie Rhi and the girls had a spa day at home, pampering themselves, straightening hair, getting makeup tips for twenty years down the road when the girls are allowed to wear makeup – that sort of thing. Then they chose outfits with sparkles! Bee and Gracie wore their fancy sparkle dresses that Auntie Rhi gave them for Christmas – the ones they wore to the Nutcracker this past winter. Gracie’s was a deep peacock-blue, with a gauzy, shirred skirt and lots of glitter on the bodice. Bee’s was gold and off-white, with lots of gold sparkly sequins all over. Auntie Rhi wore long purple shorts, an off-white shirt with ALL THE SPARKLES, a black shirt over that, and silver glitter heels. In fact, Auntie Rhi looked so glitterific, you can’t even see Gracie’s sparkle at all in the pics because they pale by comparison.


The girls were good, though slightly goofy, and I had to keep reminding Miss Bee that other people were eating there, too – she kept sharing her stories at a rather elevated volume. Gracie was more concerned with whether the lipstick we let her wear to our “fancy dinner” was wearing off. She must have looked at the back of her spoon a zillion times. Auntie Rhi said she was afraid Gracie was going to break all the mirrors in the house from looking at them so often while they were getting ready – I’m going to have my hands full in fewer years than I’d maybe like. Sigh.

But it was a good time. Bee tried a new dish – usually she eats calamari as an appetizer, and her chocolate cake tower for dinner. Because I’m a good mom when it comes to splurging. Last night she had orange chicken and ate a goodish amount for Bee – especially considering how much bread and calamari she had already eaten. Gracie at another goodish bit of Bee’s chicken because she didn’t like the new dish that she had tried – grilled shrimp. I had a few of Gracie’s shrimp and my grilled salmon. And Rhi had herb-crusted salmon.

And then there were the desserts. The grown-ups were happy taking our cheesecakes to go. We were so over-full. Rhi chose Godiva Chocolate Cheesecake and I picked Lemon Raspberry Truffle Cheesecake. Gracie girl ate part of her Toasted Marshmallow S’Mores Cheesecake while we waited for Bee to finish a life-size bowl of hot fudge sundae. And I mean life-size!

I think the four of us could have shared that thing, it was so huge! We saved most of the “whupt” cream (in Bee parlance), and about half the gravy boat of hot fudge got eaten. Bee made a pretty good dent in the ice cream, too. There was also this shenanigan that happened during dessert:


Auntie Rhi graciously offered up the piece of chocolate bar that was on top of her cheesecake. Bee popped it in her mouth, but had also asked for some of the heavier, homemade whipped cream from my cheesecake. So I let her have some…after I christened her, Auntie-Cheryl-style. Thems the brakes when you live with this family, kiddo!

It was a fun night, filled with lots of laughing and stories jokes and all the best things families are made of. We don’t get to get fancified and treat ourselves too often, but that just makes it even more memorable, I think. And certainly helps my waistline…I couldn’t treat myself to leftovers like this very often!



One Response to “In which there is cheesecake and sparkles.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    What a super fun day and amazing night. Everyone needs an Auntie Rhi for spa day and a momma who knows how to splurge.

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