Waiting… Waiting… Waiting… She’s here!


The ladies of Casa de Katie have been counting down to Auntie Rhi’s visit since before school was even over. Three weeks to go… two weeks to go… one week of daycare to endure… and finally it was time and I was reminding myself all day at work that it was Tuesday, not Monday (I took Monday off to watch the girlies) and I needed to remember to go get my sister from the airport!

Turns out I didn’t forget. Heh.

We stopped on the way home for Rhi’s favorite pizza and caught up on news, Big Bang, and stress-relieving beverages while we waited for the girlies to come home. A grand start to our staycation!

We have so much planned. Zoo trips, Bee’s declared we’re going to the community pool/water park, perhaps some go-karts and miniature golf, all the fun we can fit in! Rhi and I have our own funtimes planned for when the girls are off on their own adventures (like dueling piano bars, homemade sangria, and maybe a daytrip to Austin…). And there’s all the fun the girls will have at home while Auntie Rhi is in charge. I can guar-un-tee that there will be way more fun than if Mama was left in charge!

I’m so glad the girlies are free from daycare, home enjoying their summer break the way summer vacations were meant to be savored. I love that they get to spend more time with their auntie. Yes, a rather nice start to our staycation indeed.

Let the festivities commence!



2 Responses to “Waiting… Waiting… Waiting… She’s here!”

  1. Kathy Says:

    You really have such lucky girls. Wish my kids had that chance with my brother but sending them to Turkey while he is working seems extreme. Enjoy your time together.

  2. Kim Says:

    Laaaast time she visited, my August trip was plagued with all sorts of inflated expectations ;-D (Remember when Auntie Rhi played zoo with the snuffed animals!?!) Have tons of fun, kiddos – Auntie Rhi takes all those sparkles back home and I don’t have room to pack them, heh.

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