In which there are fake birthdays and broken curses.

Bee’s birthday curse has become something of family legend. Her first birthday was fine – and really, would she remember? Her second birthday party never really happened because the Ex and I were in the middle of our divorce and Bee was in the middle of a raging ear infection. I mean, he came over and there was cake, but really, no one was in a partying mood. Since then, there have been pool parties, shindigs, bounce house parties and you name it. We’ve done parties at home and parties out. I’ve held them earlier and earlier in the year in hopes of getting more of her school friends to attend. Last year only one school friend – one – attended.

This year? Only three were no shows, and one of them at least told Bee before hand. Bee was surrounded with friends and happy and partying! HUZZAH!

We went bounce-house again, but this year we did Rebounderz. For one, it was half as cheap as Leapin’ Lizards. For another, it’s a lot easier to find. I might be coming around to this party-out-at-a-place thing. I rather like standing there and eating cake like I’m a guest or something instead of figuring out when we should sing and when we should eat and when we should open presents. This year, I didn’t even really have to supervise the littles as they ran about the warehouse and jumped in the foam pit, played trampoline dodge-ball, and spent tokens at the arcade. I mean, I did follow them for a short time so I could get some good action shots, but mostly the moms who stayed hung out in the party room and talked. It was…almost relaxing.

Of course, then there was pizza, and I got to watch Bee-girl giggle and laugh and enjoy being the center of attention. We did presents and then we did cake, and then the girls were off again, jumping until parents came to retrieve the kiddos.

I don’t know what made the difference this year. Maybe it was just that the curse was lifted. Maybe it’s that this group of girls have been together for two years now, and second graders tend to take birthday parties and social events more seriously. Maybe it’s that the moms know this group a little better, and don’t mind going out of their way on a Saturday afternoon for a kiddo they know. Four of the girls at the party live in our little neighborhood (okay, two of them are N. and J., who are practically mine), and that makes a big difference. Bee’s bestie is always over for playdates, and I knew she would come. And one of the other girls rounds out the Bee and Bestie circle in their class. It’s a good group of girls, and I’m going to do everything I can this fall (with the help of my teacher buds) to make sure they’re in the same class again.

I was so glad for my Bee-girl. She needed this. It was truly the perfect evening for her – she even got to have her party in the fashion boutique room, which was just perfect for my self-proclaimed “fashion-girl.” It certainly made picking a theme for the cake a lot easier! Here’s hoping the Year of Eight goes just as smoothly for Bee-girl. She is certainly due.

Happy early Birthday, Bee! I hope you enjoyed your early birthday with your school friends. We’ll do it all over again in two weeks!




One Response to “In which there are fake birthdays and broken curses.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    So glad the curse has been lifted. Yeah!!

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