Right now I am…

I tried, you guys. I really did. I have this Big Thing (that most of you know about already) that I want to write about, but the problem is it’s so big that the words are all stuck in my head. Julie, my oldest and dearest friend, came to my rescue yet again by suggesting that I write about how much I love her. (Obvs.) There’s a reason she’s my nearest and dearest friend, yo. Heh. But of course my love for her is so great, it couldn’t be contained to a single (or double!) post, so instead I’m stealing my friend Trish’s prompt and will try to write about the Big and Wonderful Thing (that you all know about) tomorrow.

So! Right now I am….

Listening To: So many fun things! I love that all the summer songs are starting to hit the airwaves. I Wanna Get Better by Bleachers and Am I Wrong by Nico and Vinz. All of the Arctic Monkey’s album. And covers like Jordan Catalano Thirty Seconds To Mars’ covers of Rihanna’s Stay and Gaga’s Bad Romance (holy hotness)

Reading: The girls and I just started the last Harry Potter book (sniffle). I’m feverishly trying to finish re-reading It because Mr. Mercedes arrives tomorrow (!). And I started Sarah Lotz’ The Three, but there hasn’t been much lunchtime reading this week.

Watching: I also just saw Godzilla in the theaters, which is a minor miracle because I almost never get to the theater. But! My sibs and I were diehard fans of the old black-and-white Godzilla and King Kong movies. So I had to! And it did not disappoint. It was handlclappingly, giggling-in-my-seat kinda good. Go see!

Eating: I had a friend over last night and I made roast beef because I have been craving it. Baked potatoes, rice (for the girls, who are currently off potatoes – the weirdos), garlic green beans, and homemade biscuits. Mid-week dinners are pretty catch-all. This is the last week of school and I think we might scrape through by the skin of our teeth. We’re all done with school schedules! Tonight the girls had frozen shrimp that I stir-fried real quick. They think they won because it’s a splurgy item. I really won because 10-minute dinner.

Making: I am working on a baby quilt for a friend (BABIES! YAY!) and I also finished quite a few scrapbook pages this weekend. Like this one:


Planning: My sister’s visit! Rhianyn will be here in two weeks! Woot! We have some fun things in mind – new dives to check out, go karts (if it’s not too hot), the dueling piano bar, and all sorts of trouble. I can’t wait!

Feeling: Like I am really, really ready for summer. I know late bedtimes are asking for trouble, but I am ready to relax the rules a little and have some fun! Plus, Rhi will be here and I’m sure we’ll be too busy to stick to school-routine type bedtimes. And then the girls are at their dad’s. And then it’s August! GOOD LORD.

Loving: My friends. They made some pretty awesome displays of love and friendship this week and I can’t wait to tell you about them. And I will…as soon as the blog post frees itself from my brain.

Wanting: To move home. My dang family had a cookout over Memorial Day weekend and I missed all the shenanigans. And my running cult is back home and I’m the only one who has to have her Fellow Flowers shirt shipped. And…and…and a million reasons! Not the least of which is black raspberry ice cream. Because summer means splurgy desserts, of course.

Thinking: Of that post. Sigh. And a hundred other things. My brain doesn’t ever shut off, you see. I have to trick it. The only way I get it to shut off is with good stories. Not really sure that’s normal. Meh. It works. …Usually.

Looking forward to: Sleep. Some Mondays, that’s just what you might need. Sleep, the kind that tastes rich and delicious, like a good bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwich on thick crusty italian bread. Yum.


Your turn, guys. What are you up to right now?


One Response to “Right now I am…”

  1. Trish Says:

    QUILT!!! You know I’m going to NEED to see pictures of that. I’m about to start basting Evie’s quilt…as soon as I’m done leaving this comment.

    Glad you liked Godzilla, too. I thought it was fun. And Mr. Mercedes!! Guessing you already have a copy?

    And I know it’s not blackberry, but yesterday I picked up a pint of salted caramel from Bluebell and it is divine. The Strawberry and Homemade Vanilla is good, too. I might have picked up 4 different BB pints yesterday…

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