Weather geeks.

The running joke among my siblings and I is that anytime we miss Mum, we can put the Weather Channel on the TV and ta da! it’s almost like she’s there. That’s how often she had it on.

I might not tune in on the TV as often, but apparently the girlies notice how often I’m logging in to check the weather online.

This weekend the girls pulled out a bunch of their Christmas gifts, including a kit that spun paper while you dropped paint on it. It kept the girls busy practically all of Saturday afternoon. And when they were finished, and the paintings had dried, Bee brought this one to show me:

“Look, Mom!” she yelled. “It looks just like the weather radar!”

Yes, yes it does. Except just not when Auntie Kim is visiting because it’s missing the black glittery radar color of Panic at the Disco. Heh.


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One Response to “Weather geeks.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Love that Bee!

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