In which all the rain showers stopped just long enough for some burgers.

This was the first weekend in forever that I had the girlies for Memorial Day Weekend. They must have been worried that we wouldn’t be doing much. “What are we doing?” they asked rather early on. “Is anyone having a party?”

It just so happened that we were.

My friend Tiffany and I had colluded to spend some time together, and it just so happened that because of visitation schedules, the only time we could sync up was Memorial Day. So I threw a get-together around it. I invited Corrie and her gang, and Ms. G. and her awesome hubby, and another teacher friend, and some work friends, and before you knew it, I had about twenty people planning to come over!

Only problem was, it was supposed to rain all weekend.

I have a tiny house you guys. I mean, it does pretty well for the three of us. It holds small gatherings. But I mean small gatherings. Twenty people would bust its seems if we couldn’t all hang out on the deck. I really needed the rain to hold off.

So I set about making preparations. I bought all the burgers and hotdogs and buns and made Bee’s year when I told her she could pick out three different types of pickles (as long as one of them was sweet baby gherkins), and we picked up a few more stackable patio chairs in teal. On Sunday, the girls and dragged out the inflatable water slide we splurged on last year to see if it had survived the winter. After two hours we spent untangling the very carefully packed gear and finding the missing water bags (Hey! There’s the tarp!), we got the waterslide hooked up and the girls volunteered to test it out. You know – for leaks and stuff.

And then a sudden downpour opened up. I ran for the house, trying to keep my phone dry. Gracie started shrieking and panicking because the blower that keeps the waterslide inflated uses electricity and the rain was going to make it explode or shock them or something. I’m pretty sure Bee was giggling and dancing in circles, I’m not sure. Of course, once I ditched my phone and got the motor unplugged and in the house, Gracie swore she wasn’t panicking that it was Bee. Hunh. Who knew she could throw her voice like that. The rain shower passed quickly and we went back outside until dinner time.

And so it was that we spent yesterday chillin’ on the patio, the kids laughing and giggling and making up all kinds of games on the water slide and pool, and the adults enjoying beverages and laughing. We ate our weight in fresh fruit and somehow found room at the end of the afternoon to add burgers and hot dogs on top of all that. No one got sunburned. No one got any more ant bites, other than the MOTHER of all fire ant bites that I got on Saturday setting everything up. Only half the people made it, but it was still a very successful party. I don’t know who slept better last night – the puppy or the chilluns.

Thank you, rain showers, for showering on our drought area all weekend except when we needed to party.

Thank you, friends, for making me laugh all afternoon and for bringing your childrens to entertain my childrens.

Thank you, inflatable slide, for making it one more season and for keeping the kiddos busy all afternoon.

Thank you, Justin, for taking over as Master Griller of the Meats.

And thank you, to all the fallen soldiers, who fought and died for our country, so we could spend our weekend worrying about something as silly as whether it would rain. I know it seems rather meaningless sometimes that your holiday has become about kicking off the summer, but please accept it as appreciation for just how successful you were. Your sacrifice might have been forgotten by some, but not all.



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One Response to “In which all the rain showers stopped just long enough for some burgers.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Sounds like a wonderful day! Glad you enjoyed yourself and the rains fell when they were supposed to.

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