Good thing I have pointe shoes. (Um, not really.)

Bee-girl likes to keep me on my toes. I forget this from time to time, and then she likes to remind me in spectacular fashion. Like last week.

Gracie lost a tooth. I thought she should be well past the age of losing such things, but apparently there are molars and such that still need to come out. (What can I say – I was 10 a long, long time ago and most of the baby teeth I had left around that age were removed surgically when I had braces put on. Teeth issues: I had them all.) So the tooth that Gracie kept telling me was wiggly eventually fell out. And by “eventually fell out” I mean she decided as we were sitting down to a nice roast beef dinner on Mother’s Day that she should pull it out.


Fast-forward to the next morning. I realize that I never remembered to slip money (or, um, the tooth) under Gracie’s pillow. Amazing how unmotivated you are to remember such things when the secret’s out, right? So I stashed the tooth before the girls got up and discreetly told Gracie that I had just put the money in her wallet.

Except Bee girl pipes up with, “Hey! We forgot to put Gracie’s tooth under her pillow!” I shot Gracie A Look that she must have received A-OK because she quickly answered that we had put the tooth under it and she already pulled out her money. “Oh,” Bee answered, clearly disappointed. Apparently she had stayed awake for most of the night, trying to catch the Tooth Fairy in action.

That night, as I read to the girls from Harry Potter, Bee was busy writing her note. I know it started “Dear Tooth Fairy,” because she made me spell it for her. But the rest of the note? No luck. That sucker was taped shut. Bee put the note on the kitchen island, and then put out a full glass of milk and some cookies. Tooth Fairy bait! She gleefully told me what she had done, and wondered if she would get money. Because that’s what happened on Full House, don’tcha know.

I waited til the cutie was fast asleep and then did the only thing I could do: I read the note and left one in its place.

It says “Hi Tooth Fairy, It’s me, Bee-girl. How do you be so quiet at nite? P.S. Are fairys real? Please write back. Love Bee-girl. You can call me BB, Bee.”

I put the note somewhere safe, and then I left a dollar folded up after summoning junior high note-folding skills I didn’t even know I still had. And then I left my own note. AND COVERED IT WITH GLITTER WHICH PROVES BEYOND A DOUBT HOW MUCH I LOVE THAT KID.


“Bee, Those are Fairy secrets. Shhh…it’s magic! Love, T.F.”

The next morning, Bee-girl was in a bit of A Mood. She whined and stomped her way through getting dressed, eating, and brushing her teeth. I may have mentioned hurrying with her hair so she could see what was on the table for her. And then she did see and she DIED from happiness.

It’s going to kill that kid when she finds out the real secret of the Tooth Fairy. But until then, I plan on having as much fun with it as I can!



2 Responses to “Good thing I have pointe shoes. (Um, not really.)”

  1. Kim Says:

    Is that TWOOO kinds of glitter!?!

  2. Kathy Says:

    You are The. Best. Mama. Ever! What lucky girls you have. And, good job Gracie on keeping the story going. But yes, Bee is going to keep you on your toes – for a very long time.

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