Evil Twin Stacy is alive and well.

It’s taken me three weeks since I promise to bring the girls for haircuts (or even longer if you count how many times I thought to myself that I needed to bring them), but we finally made it happen this past Monday night. I picked the girls up from daycare and we hit the beauty salon!

Gracie didn’t really want a haircut – she’s committed to growing out her long hair enough so that she can eventually chop it and donate it to Locks of Love. And she’s been doing a good job taking care of it. I know right now that means a lot of primping and preening in the mirror, but as long as I’m not staring at a rat’s nest of tangles such that everyone else wonders if I care for my children, I don’t mind the mirror-gazing. What Gracie did need was to get rid of her dead ends and to freshen up her layers.

The driving force behind the trip to the salon was Miss Bee. She’s been growing out her swinging bob since last June and her hair has g-r-o-w-n. Which means the back has looked quite choppy and raggedy and it’s been driving me buggy. I tried talking Bee-girl into another short ‘do, or maybe a pixie! But she wasn’t having it. She wanted to even out the ends, and then add layers.

Like Gracie.

This, of course, sent Gracie into a tizzy. She didn’t want her little sister to copy her hair cut! I offered Gracie the option of cutting her hair short, but she didn’t want that either. (Naturally.) I told her that she didn’t get to dictate other people’s haircuts, although I could understand her frustration at her little sister copying her.

It was a big fat lie. Ish. I mean, I can understand her frustration. But I secretly (not-so-secretly) think Bee copying Gracie is hilarious. Bee started doing it a while back, and I guess it started at their dad’s house. Bee created this persona she’ll fall into. “Hi, I’m Stacy, Gracie’s twin!” she’ll say. Then she sees her sister start to twitch and shake and steam starts pouring out her ears and Bee starts trying to hold in the giggles.

I’ve explained to Gracie that this is just a phase that little siblings go through, and she could take it as a compliment that her style is SO GOOD that even Bee-girl wants it for herself. It doesn’t help much.

So Bee-girl had her layers added in, and while the length is still a bit short for the layers to do much good, she thinks she is Miss Thang, walking around flipping her hair this way and that way and smiling her secret little “MyGodI’mSoAwesome” smile. Gracie stopped acting like she cared so much – either she was busy thinking she also looked rather good, or else she took my advice to stop displaying how much Gracie-and-Stacy bothered her.

Either way: Mission Accomplished! Haircuts procured! Now I need to smother the feeling that I don’t need to get anything else done this week. heh.



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2 Responses to “Evil Twin Stacy is alive and well.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Who are those grown-up people in your picture? Can’t be Bee and Gracie – they are little still. Oh my! You are going to have your hands full in another year or two.
    Love the Stacy story. I think it is great that Bee knows just what button to push.

  2. Kim Says:

    For the record, I never wanted to copy your haircut growing up. I do, however, blame both you and Rhianyn for the many many times I’ve played with coloring my hair…

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