Sign that the end (of the school year) is near.

When we were kids, it was Doggy Day. That’s what we called our version of Field Day. The Parents’ Club grilled hot dogs outside (hence the name), there were bags of potato chips, those tiny sugary drinks in plastic barrels, and slices of cold watermelon for dessert. We spent the entire day outside, it felt like, only going back to our classrooms for short spells to cool off and catch out breath. Otherwise, we were outside competing in activities (egg races, water balloon catch…) and enjoying all day recess. It was the most fun ever!

For my girlies, it’s Field Day. And man, does their school go all out. There are special-ordered Field Day tshirts, color-sorted by grade. There are game booths set up. The PTO runs concession stands. And alllllll the activities. Tug o’ war between the classes, bobbing for apples, water balloon fights, dunk the teachers, relay races – you name it! Coach and his assistants have been at the school since 6 a.m. this morning setting up everything – and that’s not including all the prep work that went into it ahead of time, where possible.

Everyone’s been ramping up for all the excitement for a few weeks now. Gym class has been about preparing the kids for the challenges they’ll face. The kids love the change of pace – and the teachers, too, I’m sure! All of the kids have been focused on earning points to spend. That might actually be my favorite part about Field Day (well, aside from the promise that the End of the School Year Is Nigh): kids are allowed to bring money to spend on concessions and game booths, but, because our school is in a poorer district, the teachers came up with an alternative. For the three weeks leading up to Field Day, teachers award points to students for various behaviors and accomplishments. Having a parent sign your planner earns a point; getting a 100 on a test earns a point; not getting a color change earns a point; helping the cafeteria staff clean up earns a point. Points are then redeemed for tickets. So, even students who can’t bring money from home have a way to participate in all the “extras” that surround them. And teachers have a little leverage to entice good behavior out of the kids when everyone just wants to bounce out of their seats because ENOUGH WITH THE SCHOOL YEAR ALREADY.

Or maybe that’s just me. Ahem.

Yes, the girlies are excited. I sent them off to school with one pack-mule each to carry all of their gear: snacks, two bottles of water, sunscreen, mosquito spray, a change of clothes, a towel, money for concessions, and their Red Sox hats. Stepmom is going to school to help out and take pictures of all the chaos. It’s gonna be a good, good day.

As for me, I’m gonna sit here smelling like sunscreen and counting down the days til the school year is over. It’s close…Field Day says so.



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3 Responses to “Sign that the end (of the school year) is near.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    That sounds like the best field day ever. Wish the end of school was close year. Still about a month to go. Blah!!

  2. Agent Torklepants Says:

    Awwww I really like that point system idea! And whenever the girls explain the funtivities they did it reminds me of that show wild and crazy kids. Which I wanted to be on so bad. It sounds like theyll have a blast!

  3. Jenna Hatfield Says:

    We haven’t done any work in two weeks. One week left. Plus two days. OVER IT. lol

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