Yep, I think she’s catching on.

You know how as a parent, you try to imbue certain lessons and lifehacks in your children, either when they’re paying attention or sort of sideways when they’re not? You lecture, you lead by example, and you adopt certain litanies that get repeated over and over and over. You never know if it’s working, but you hope it is, and so you carry on and repeat them yet again – and sort of because what else, exactly, are you going to do?

The other night at dinner, Bee turned to me and casually said, “Mom, you know how whatever you do goes out into the world and then comes back and happens to you? Like if you do bad things, then the world is going to make bad things come back?” I’m capturing it badly because Bee wasn’t quite sure what words to use, and yet she got across the concept of a circle. And I knew exactly what she was talking about.

“Karma,” I answered her with a nod. “If you do something bad or dishonest, the universe is going to make bad things happen to you. If you do something nice, you’ll be rewarded. Yes, why?” I asked.

“Well,” she answered, matter-of-factly, laying her fork down on her plate, almost…wait, was she relishing the telling of her story? Yes, yes she was. “The three baddest kids in my class? The ones who call me white girl crybaby? They have to do extra work with Ms. B. [the 1st grade teacher]. And B. was running in her class, acting all crazy, and he ran straight into Ms. B’s desk and cut his eyebrow open. And he had to go to the hospital.”

I clearly wasn’t making it up. Bee was a little self-satisfied with how everything had turned out. Good thing this sort of thing didn’t happen more often, or I’d worry I’d have to start calling her Matilda.

I gasped, just as I was supposed to, and nodded my head. “That’s right,” I said. “That’s why you need to be nice and kind, even when you don’t want to be, even when people are teasing you. Because karma will make sure that you get what’s coming to you, and you don’t want that.”

“No, you don’t,” Bee responded, far too calmly, and she turned back to her dinner.

Dude. Don’t mess with Bee-girl. She might be only eight, she might look small, but she is juuuuust this side of determined-psychopath when she’s focusing on revenge. And the universe seems to do her bidding. Heh.


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One Response to “Yep, I think she’s catching on.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Oh my! I am cracking up over here. I love that she associates all of this with karma. It is after all, but the whole self-satisfied attitude is killing me.

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