Because it’s true.

The birthday atmosphere of general awesomeness and festivity is slowing dying down at Casa de Katie. Turning ten was certainly good to Gracie. She was completely surprised when she came home from her dad’s house last week and found Auntie Kim sitting on the floor in her room. In fact, she was so surprised and thrilled that she started crying through her giggles. (Gracie, not Kim, if you can believe that!) The after-effects from her party are fading – left-behind flip flops and shirts are being returned, missed potato chip crumbs have all been found by the dog or the vacuum, and the sole stain from orange soda has been beaten. Gracie’s tremendous haul is slowly being put away: the sleeping bag from grandpa, Frozen from Grandma, the shower-radio she got from her sister, two of the three books already read, and all. the. clothes. she got from mama already picked through and shown off.

But as all the hoopla died off, there was one more package that arrived in the mail, something that I had forgotten I’d ordered until it showed up on my doorstep.


I splurged on a new running shirt from one of my favorite new companies, Fellow Flowers. Can you read what it says? “Going for a run isn’t Mommy being selfish. It’s Mommy being awesome.” And ain’t that the truth! I thought it was a rather appropriate gift to myself to celebrate the 10th anniversary of my becoming a mom. I may have inadvertently inflicted minor damage, but I haven’t broken or lost my daughter for ten years and counting. That’s pretty awesome of me; I think it deserves more than a tshirt, but then again, this is a pretty kick-ass tshirt. And it stands for so much more than it is. Rather like being a mom.

Milestones and accomplishments and celebrations and mommying and daughtering. It’s all good. We’ll all keep on keepin’ on. And there will be so much more to celebrate along the way. Because why else do it if the point isn’t to enjoy each other and everything that we can? Whether you’re 10, or 35. Be awesome. Acknowledge it. And have fun with it!


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2 Responses to “Because it’s true.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    LOVE her reaction to Kim being in her room. So amazing!! I saw that shirt too – LOVE IT! Haven’t ordered it yet but it is on the list. I love all their shirts and it is so hard to choose.

  2. Agent Torklepants Says:

    Youre legs look really skinny in this pic =0D

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