Just a small panic, nothing to see here.

I walked into their room this morning and she was gone. This threw me; their light was on before I walked in there, Gracie had gotten up with their alarm and started getting dressed like she was supposed to, so where was Bee? She wasn’t getting dressed. She wasn’t in her bed. My brain, not very awake, was having trouble understanding. For a minute I thought she must be hiding – jumping out, screaming “BOO!” and trying to scare the everlovin’ bejeezus outta someone is very in right now – and I knew it was too early for me to handle that. I was pretty sure it was too early for my Bee to even attempt that, but…she was gone. And then, Oh no. What if she was right? A ridiculous thought, but there it was.

Last night Bee-girl had a hard time falling asleep. She was tired and crying and tossing and turning and making everyone else just as miserable as she obviously was. So I convinced her to come snuggle with me on the couch. I turned on a lamp, shut off all the overhead lights, and snuggled her in my lap. I just held her while she quieted, and then listened to tales of woe, one after the other. It’s tough being a second-grader. And then, at the end of the litany of injustices, she told me she was worried burglars were going to break into our house. I reminded her that our house is strong and made out of bricks (a holdover from when she was small and worried about the Big Bad Wolf); I reminded her that we have a dog that the burglars are afraid of and who would bark and let us all know to call the cops; I reminded her that we have a security alarm that would call the cops for us and wake us up if anyone broke in; and I reminded her that burglars want an easy house to break into – they don’t want a house with obstacles like locks and dogs and neighbors and security alarms. She was soothed by the time we finished the list and went back to bed after a few more minutes of snuggles.

But she was gone, and I thought of her fears about the burglars.

Gracie had just finished telling me she had already searched the room (before shrugging it off and getting dressed, natch), and I had turned to search the rest of the house when I heard the suspicious sound of the couch springs squeaking. There was Bee, sitting up in, I must say, a rather tidily made little bed on the couch. She looked rather confused, though.

“Why did you move to the couch?” I asked her. It hadn’t stormed last night, or rained, and it wasn’t windy.

“I don’t remember,” she answered. And the look on her face corroborated her story.

Interesting. Maybe we’ll find out later once Bee-girl wakes up a bit, and maybe it’s just one of those one-offs that we’ll never think of again. Either way – I am wide awake still! What a way to start the morning!


One Response to “Just a small panic, nothing to see here.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Yikes! That would have scared me – no doubt about it. Even knowing there was a logical explanation for her not being in her bed the fear would have crept in.

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