Maybe if she reminds her they’re CARE packages.

Of my two sweet girls, Gracie is the one I’d call sentimental. They’re both caring, but Gracie is the one who will gush. She works hard for brownie points and while she’s locked in on making others feel good, she cares what they think about her. It comes from a good, good place, all of the caring. I like that about my girl. There are far worse things than caring too much.

Monday night, Gracie was once again elbow deep in the midst of Serious Bracelet Production. She had her magic loom out, various plastic organizers filled with every color of elastic loops surrounded her, and colored bracelets seemed to pop of the loom every minute or so as her fingers were flying, trying to make more, faster. “What are you doing?” I asked. I should know better by now, but I couldn’t help it – I asked.

“I’m making bracelets for my friends,” she answered. Simple enough, but it seemed like something was up. Standard answer, but if you ask me, she seemed a little more crazed than usual.

Then, after her sister was finished drawing and gluing and taping the masterpiece she was working on, Gracie put away her bracelet loom and moved on to Serious Art Production. She fashioned little paper envelopes, made cootie catchers, and worked on a few cards. She colored and doodled and scissored and taped. I kept one eye quizzically turned in her direction, but mostly kept on reading the end of Bee-girl’s book. (Possibly because every time I paused, Bee would yell “KEEP READING, MAMA!” Ahem.)

Last night, Gracie resumed her work on this mysterious art project, and finally, just before bedtime, she declared she was done. “Look at what I made!” she beamed. They were little envelopes for two of her friends at school. She made paper flowers, and cards with encouraging sayings and notes. She said these friends don’t always do so well at school (One “gets, like, 70s, and [so-and-so] gets 80s”] and she wanted to cheer them up before their big STAAR tests next week.

I was so proud of my girl. She sees her aunts and I send care packages back and forth to each other, especially when someone is having a rough time. And they get their fair share of care packages themselves! (Spoiled rotten, they are. Heh.) It warmed my heart to see that Gracie had adopted the practice without even thinking about it, and without thinking it had to be all commercial, either. Everything in that envelope was handmade. She wasn’t asking me to spend money on things – I don’t think the thought entered her mind. She started with making bracelets and a note…and then the idea just hit her, I think.

Now, there is a bit of a side to this that Gracie-girl hasn’t quite thought of. One of her friends can be a bit of a…frenemy, at times. She is a B student, but that’s not necessarily the pox that Gracie thinks it is. And the fact that the genius kids are smooshed in with the regular-track kids, well that chafes a bit at times. Especially this particular friend. She sets herself up in competition with Gracie from time to time. They didn’t talk for a week after Gracie was elected to student council and this girl wasn’t. So…if Gracie doesn’t couch this package just the right way, or if this girl isn’t in the right mood, I’m just sayin’ there might be feelings.

Still. Even if there’s a bit of a rub when all this goes down, I’m proud of Gracie. I really like the person she’s growing into. I’ll take her, bumps in the road and all.


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One Response to “Maybe if she reminds her they’re CARE packages.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    That is so awesome. Love it when my kids do stuff like that and i know I have done something right.

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